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Master Advance Beneficiary Notice Requirements and Get PAID

You can get barred from seeing Medicare patients altogether for incorrectly completing Medicare’s Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) form. Medicare is tracking everything. Who at your practice presents the form. How well you educate the patient. How you apply ABN billing modifiers. How accurately you estimate your costs.

Present the wrong info and you’ll be footing the bill for thousands in unmedically necessary write-offs or be left with a very angry patient that runs to Medicare to complain.

Earn $100K More With 2020 Chronic Care Management CPT Changes

As our population ages, more and more of your patients are likely to have at least one chronic condition. And, as you know, these patients are more complex and can require significantly more of your time to treat and help them cope with their illnesses. In the past, this meant that you would lose money when treating your sickest patients…but not anymore.

Mastering how to correctly apply and bill these codes can get you paid for services you’ve been providing for free for years. CMS is moving toward a quality vs. quantity model, and this can work to your advantage — if you know how to correctly submit and support your claims.

Modifier 59: Expert Report Protects You From Massive Fines

You can’t afford to keep putting modifier 59 on every multiple code claim. Insurers have taken notice of this improper use and started invoking huge penalties. Yes, doing your due diligence to determine if modifier 59 is appropriate takes time. But with the right strategies and practical advice, you can keep your practice out of hot water.

Don’t risk severe penalties and payment delays, order this must-have expert report today and finally understand these complex and dangerous modifiers.

ICD-10-CM Made Simple: Coding Structure, Nomenclature and Vocabulary

Understanding the nuances of accurate ICD-10-CM coding is no easy thing. And the consequences of choosing the wrong code are significant. So, whether you just don’t quite “get” how ICD-10 works, or you want to improve your fundamental understanding of this complex coding system, this expert report is the answer.

The only way to ensure your diagnosis coding is accurate is to have a solid handle on ICD-10-CM core concepts.

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