CPT 2021: Ace Your Lab, Debridement, and Diabetes Coding Changes

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CPT 2021: Ace Your Lab, Debridement, and Diabetes Coding Changes

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2021 CPT Coding Changes

You’ve got to implement the 300 plus CPT 2021 coding changes by January 1, 2021, or you’ll face emotional and financial losses. Save yourself hours of chasing denials and payments by getting up to speed now on the new, revised, and deleted codes for drugs, ortho, diabetes and more.

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Pathology Services Scheduled for Reimbursement Decrease in 2021

Most of the new 2021 CPT codes are in pathology: you have 128 new codes including the eight new COVID testing codes released earlier in 2020. For 2021, steer clear of headaches from reporting unspecified code 80299 (Therapeutic drug assay) and instead use the drug-specific code such as:

  • 80143 − Acetaminophen
  • 80151 − Amiodarone
  • 80167 − Felbamate
  • 80181 − Flecainide
  • 80189 − Itraconazole
  • 80193 − Leflunomide
  • 80204 − Methotrexate
  • 80210 − Rufinamide
  • 80179 – Salicylate

Differentiate Levels of Shoulder Debridement

When coding musculoskeletal surgery, it’s easier than ever to choose between limited shoulder debridement (29822) and extensive debridement (29823) based on new, expanded descriptions. Here’s how: 2021 CPT Coding Changes.

  • If the surgeon debrides 1-2 discrete structures, that’s limited.
  • Three or more discrete structures qualifies as extensive.
  • Read the descriptions for a list of possible discrete structures, plus anatomical examples.

New Retinal Imaging Codes for Diabetes Care

Artificial intelligence (AI) is ever evolving to help you provided care more easily, and AI, in some cases, can screen and diagnose patients for certain conditions even faster and more effectively than providers can. One of those areas is retinal imaging — which can now take place outside of the ophthalmology practice (in primary care practices, for example). 2021 CPT Coding Changes.

For 2021, CPT code 92229 (Retinal imaging with automated point-of-care equipment) has been added, and the existing codes 92227 and 92229 have been revised. These codes all describe remote imaging for detection or monitoring of retinal disease (i.e. diabetic retinopathy). The difference is who — or what — is providing the interpretation and report. Here’s how to choose between the three codes:

  • Use 92999 for automated (AI) interpretation and report.
  • Use 92227 when clinical staff conducts interpretation and report.
  • Use 92228 when a physician or other qualified healthcare provider conducts interpretation and report.

Choose Breast Reconstruction Code Based on Procedure, Timing

You have fifteen breast reconstruction revised codes. Many of these revisions involve changing the word “mammary” to “breast,” but revised descriptions will also make it easier for you to choose the right code based on the specifics of a procedure. For example:2021 CPT Coding Changes.

  • The description of 19330 (Removal of mammary implant material) has been updated to “Removal of ruptured breast implant including implant contents (e.g. Saline, silicone gel).
  • For post-mastectomy breast reconstruction, you’ll be able to choose a code based on whether the insertion of the implant occurred on the same day of the mastectomy (immediate) or a later day (subsequent).
  • Code 19324 (Mammoplasty, augmentation; without prosthetic implant) has been deleted. Instead, choose from 15771 or 15772 for breast reconstruction using fat graft.

300 Changes in All

That’s not all! There are changes for ob-gyn, urology, audiology, and more. 2021 CPT Coding Changes.

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