CAQH: Comply w/Provider 90-Day Revalidation No Surprises Rule

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CAQH: Comply w/Provider 90-Day Revalidation No Surprises Rule

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CAQH ProView

The No Surprises Act has now made it mandatory to revalidate all provider information every 90 days – for every single payor your practice contracts with. Missing even one revalidation period could mean you risk losing your contract with a payor, without warning.

To make this time-consuming task easier and less time intensive, you should use a CAQH ProView Practice Manager account. This account allows you to create, update, and validate the information for every provider at your practice from one, easy-to-access place. You can quickly update information on file, add new providers, and stay on top of the 90-day revalidation requirement to avoid getting dropped from a payer contract.

What Is CAQH ProView Practice Manager?

This free feature of CAQH ProView allows you to create one main profile that can access and update information for all your practice’s providers. It simplifies the process of data entry and management so you’re not duplicating your efforts typing the same numbers into each provider’s profile. It also helps decrease potential mistakes, as you can enter information once and then copy it to multiple profiles without risking data entry errors.

The Practice Manager account is a free part of the CAQH ProView portal. Register for your CAQH ProView account, or check that you’ve got a Practice Manager profile, here.

Note: If you’ve been logging into your provider CAQH accounts with their access ID and password, you should stop right now. CAQH has made it clear that this is not allowed.  You can avoid this potential risk by using a CAQH ProView Practice Manager account.

Free Up Your Time

The credentialing and enrollment process is complicated and frustrating, especially if you’re managing the information of multiple providers. Add into that the No Surprises Act requirement that you re-validate provider information with each payor every 90 days, and you’ve got a nightmare on your hands if you’re doing things the old way.

Using CAQH ProView Practice Manager makes the whole process faster and easier. It frees up your time to handle the many other important items that you are responsible for each day.

There are some additional benefits to using CAQH ProView Practice Manager to comply with the recent 90-day provider revalidation rules:

  • Bulk uploading provider information (available to practices with more than 50 providers)
  • Searching for providers who already exist in the CAQH system and adding them to your practice
  • Quickly verify provider information for the payor attestation process
  • Bulk export common information (credentialing contact, practice location, etc.) to all providers with a few clicks
  • Access saved common data for ease of adding new providers
  • Information is immediately available to authorized organizations, including insurance companies

Self-Register Steps

If you do not already have a CAQH ProView Practice Manager account and wish to implement one, you can self-register with these few steps:

  1. Visit the Practice Manager login page.
  2. Select “Click here to register for CAQH ProView.” You automatically will be established as an Administrator account in the system.
  3. Fill out the necessary information about your practice, including practice name, TIN, phone number, and other information.
  4. Fill out all the required user information, including your name and phone number, email address, and choosing if you’d like more information about the system’s Bulk Upload functionality.
  5. You will be prompted to create a username and password. Make this something that you’ll remember easily, but that is secure enough to avoid the risks of hacking. If you already have a CAQH account, you may be prompted to update your username and password to meet CAQH ProView’s requirements.
  6. Once you have successfully registered, you will be taken to the Home page and begin uploading or updating your practice’s information.

Although registering for your CAQH ProView Practice Manager account is fairly simple, it’s essential that you grasp all the nuances of entering your provider data. One wrong move and your payor reimbursement can grind to a halt – or risk you getting dropped from payor networks altogether. For all the expert-led guidance you need to get the credentialing and enrollment process right the first time, check out Healthcare Training Leader’s online training session, Cut Through CAQH Credentialing Portal Confusion to Get Paid Faster. This 90-minute training gives you up-to-date guidance on CAQH ProView and all the changes to the credentialing and enrollment process. Register for this online training today.

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