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Sneak Peek: CPT 2025 to Include Plethora of New Codes

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Sneak Peek: CPT 2025 to Include Plethora of New Codes

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CPT 2025

Eye screenings, hearing device services, lab codes and more are expected to join the new edition of CPT when it debuts later this year. Although the American Medical Association hasn’t officially released the new codes, it is possible to get clues of what you can expect by reviewing the CPT 2025 Editorial Panel’s latest decisions.

Keep in mind that the AMA panel’s February meeting notes include placeholder codes instead of the finalized codes, and some of this information may change before the official update is released later this year. However, these details can help you prep for what might come your way in January.

Check out a few potential new CPT 2025 codes, along with information on what they may mean for your practice.

Await New Vaccine Addition

The CPT 2025 Panel appears to have agreed to accept a new code that will start with 906XX to describe the pneumococcal conjugate 21 valent vaccine. This new inoculation is intended to be used in adults who haven’t already received a pneumococcal vaccine. These vaccines protect patients against pneumococcal pneumonia and other pneumococcal diseases.

Look for Changes to Hearing Device Services

A plethora of changes may be coming to the hearing device services section of CPT, now that the AMA appears to have approved the deletion of 92590-92595 (Hearing aid examination and selection…).

In their place, CPT is expected to debut six new parent codes and six new add-on codes to describe hearing device services. The Special Otorhinolaryngological Services section will feature revised guidelines for these codes, and CPT is expected to publish a table describing what each new code refers to.

These updates are expected to provide additional clarity to providers who are evaluating hearing aid options for patients who have hearing loss.

Prep for New Dark Adaptation Screening Code

When an eye care professional measures the amount of time it takes a patient’s eye to adapt from bright light to darkness, that’s referred to as dark adaptation screening. While one existing code exists for this service (92284, Diagnostic dark adaptation examination with interpretation and report), that will be revised in CPT 2025 and will be joined by new code 922X1, which will describe screening using dark adaptation.

CPT Is Considering Deleting 19 Codes

Although the February meeting voted to retain 50 codes that had been proposed for deletion, the fate of another 19 codes remains in flux. Due to low utilization, the panel is considering deleting the following 19 codes next year:

  • 15819 — Cervicoplasty
  • 21632 — Sternum resection with lymphadenectomy
  • 33471 — Valvotomy
  • 33737 — Atrial septectomy or septostomy
  • 33813 — Aortopulmonary septal defect obliteration
  • 47802 — U-tube hepaticoenterostomy
  • 50135 — Pyelotomy
  • 51030 — Cystotomy or cystostomy
  • 54438 — Penis replantation
  • 61253 — Infratentorial burr holes
  • 61544 — Craniotomy
  • 61703 — Intracranial aneurysm surgery
  • 61708 — Aneurysm surgery
  • 62190 — Shunt creation
  • 63283 — Laminectomy
  • 86327 — Immunoelectrophoresis
  • 86490 — Skin test for coccidioidomycosis
  • 88388 — Macroscopic examination
  • 96003 — Fine wire electromyography

The CPT Panel will meet again in May to discuss whether these codes will remain part of the CPT manual or if they’ll go away permanently. Stay tuned as Healthcare Training Leader shares more CPT 2025 updates throughout the season.

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