Get up to 11 AAPC©-approved CEUs!

If you are in need of CEUs to meet AAPC certification requirements, then you’re in luck. Each of the online training sessions below offers between 1 to 1.5 AAPC-approved CEUs, and they are all accessible from the comfort of your desk.

Each online training is led by a national expert who will provide you with proven, practical, in-depth guidance on the latest coding, billing and compliance regulations and updates. See the listings below to find the session that suits your needs best.

2020 ICD-10-CM codes2020 ICD-10-CM Codes Update

On-Demand  |  1 CEU

If you don’t correctly incorporate each of the new, modified and deleted 2020 ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes then get ready for a substantial uptick in your denied claims, delayed payments – and one huge headache. Not to mention future reductions in reimbursement due to poor MACRA quality and cost reporting scores. But you don’t have to go through this transition alone…

going-over-formMandatory vs. Voluntary: When is an ABN Necessary?

Live on Wednesday, Nov. 13th (also available on-demand) | 1 CEU

Medicare is paying close attention to when and how you have your patients sign an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN). Specifically, whether you utilized a mandatory or voluntary ABN correctly or not. Get it wrong, and your practice could be headed for a costly, time-consuming audit, which can lead to hefty recoupments, penalties and fines.

Nonphysician Practitioner Billing: Extend NP and PA Use

On-Demand  |  1 CEU

Navigating the various Nonphysician Practitioners (NPPs) incident-to billing and supervision guidelines is just plain confusing. Take the time to get Nonphysician Practitioner Billing right and you can give your NPPs more independence and up your visit volume.

Telemedicine Coding, Billing and Compliance Payment Pearls from MD

On-Demand  |  1 CEU

Telemedicine coding, billing and compliance includes a variety of non-face-to-face services that you might not expect to be eligible for reimbursement – many of which you probably provide now and are just not being paid for. The good news is that in addition to Medicare reimbursing for certain telemedicine services, the majority of states now have laws requiring private payers to also pay for them.

cpt code 99211CPT Code 99211: Get $15 Per Patient on Nonphysician Work

On-Demand  |  1 CEU

You can earn an additional $20K per year for nonphysician work. So, what’s the catch? You must accurately use CPT code 99211 for your medical assistant and registered nurse services (which is easier than you think). And, you must get it right or your practice could end up at the front of a payer audit list!

Chronic Care Management: Improve Coding Accuracy, Get Paid More

On-Demand  |  1.5 CEUs

You can finally get paid more for the additional time you spend and services you provide to your chronically ill patients by attending this 90-minute online training session presented by national coding expert and educator Kim Garner Huey, MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCO.

Billing: Head Off Costly Legal Headaches

On-Demand  |  1 CEU

Legally, your billing is no longer as simple as sending out an invoice and getting paid for your services. Even simple, honest mistakes in your billing can lead to massive financial penalties. You could even be required to repay reimbursements you’ve previously received or end up in jail (really). And if you think it can’t happen to you, think again…

CPT Coding 101: Improve Accuracy and Pay-up

On-Demand  |  1.5 CEUs

Coding expert, Brenda Edwards, CPC, CDEO, CPB, CPMA, CPC-I, CEMC, CRC, CMRS, CMCS, presents a 90-minute online training session, specifically designed to help non-coders better understand the nuances of coding. This will give your entire team the tools it needs to better communicate and ensure your claims are more accurate and that you receive every dollar you are due.

Urgent Care Coding: Stop Leaving Money on the Table

On-Demand  |  1 CEU

Unlike coding for most specialties, you have to be ready for ANYTHING. That’s what makes coding for urgent care so tricky.  At any moment, you can be coding claims for any number of specialty services, which makes capturing every allowable dollar more difficult than ever. The bottom line is that urgent care coding is complicated, and there’s a lot riding on you getting it right.

Remote Patient MonitoringRemote Patient Monitoring: Get Paid More of What You Deserve

On-Demand  |  1 CEU

You can get paid even more for the Remote Patient Monitoring services you provide – basically reimbursing you closer to what you deserve (including reimbursement for your non-provider time). But there is a catch… you must know how to correctly apply Remote Patient Monitoring codes 99453, 99454, 99457 and 99091 and their recent updates implemented this year.