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Violence against healthcare workers

Violence Against Healthcare Workers Rising: Are You Prepared?

Violence against healthcare workers is a very real threat that many medical offices don’t take seriously enough, and if the results of a recent survey are any indication, every practice should prepare now to protect their staff and patients against these threats. Background: A new review of hospital data from 2023 indicates that over 10 […]
Contractor vs. employee

Contractor vs. Employee: How to Differentiate and Why It Matters

About 3.4 million staff members in the U.S. are erroneously being classified as independent contractors when they should be listed as employees. Part of the issue is that many businesses don’t understand the difference between contractor vs. employee. But under a new rule that takes effect March 11, practices that are making this mistake could […]
HIPAA violations

5 Common HIPAA Violations and 5 That May Surprise You

You probably already know that HIPAA violations are rampant across the country, and that as much effort as you may put into encryption software and computer passwords, some protected health information (PHI) may still fall into the wrong hands. What you may not realize is that HIPAA violations can happen in some very unlikely places. […]
Insurance ID card

The Anatomy of a Patient Insurance ID Card and What It Means

Your front desk staff members have an incredibly important job, and one critical responsibility is to get patient insurance ID card information when patients make an appointment, and then scan those cards when patients come in for their visits. Just as important as it is to gather information from a patient insurance ID card, it’s […]
Write off

3 Patient Charges You Can’t Write Off (and Some You Can)

Routinely writing off out-of-network or government program copayments or deductibles without meeting individual financial hardship exceptions will most certainly land your practice in hot water with the OIG and insurers. That is, unless you know exactly how to comply with the fraud, waste and abuse laws about which charges you can write off. Check these three charges […]

Include These Details in Your FinCEN Reports to Avoid Big Fines

Whether you’re familiar with the Corporate Transparency Act or not, your practice may be required to comply with the new Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) reporting regulations, which went into effect on January 1, 2024. If your practice is required to report and doesn’t, you could face daily penalties of $500 — a fee that […]
Provider credentialing

3 Provider Onboarding Enrollment Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Onboarding a new provider takes a lot of legwork, from recruiting to contract negotiation and beyond. So it’s common to put a tremendous amount of effort into finalizing an employment agreement. What may fall through the cracks at that point, however, is a quick provider credentialing and enrollment process that could allow your practice to […]

Don’t Look for G2211 Pay With Your E/Ms Until February

G2211 is one of the most eagerly-awaited codes of 2024, allowing your practice to collect an extra $16 from Medicare when you perform an E/​M service for a patient whose ongoing care your doctor is providing. Practices that are counting on that extra pay to come through, however, should plan to wait just a bit […]
Workplace injuries

Healthcare Staffers Fear Workplace Injuries: Protect Your Team

If you think your practice has low odds of experiencing workplace injuries, you may be in for a surprise. Nearly two thirds of healthcare professionals are concerned that they’ll get injured at work this year. Another 94% of healthcare professionals say at-home care makes it even harder to stay safe, due to safety challenges. That’s […]
Two e/m visits

Two E/M Visits Same Day? Check 3 Tips to Collect for Both

With every near year comes new coding guidelines, and CPT definitely delivered a lot of E/​M changes over the past few years. Most recently, the AMA provided new clarifications on how to report two E/​M visits on the same date of service. If you see a patient twice in the same day — whether it’s […]