emotional support animal

Protect Your Practice from Emotional Support Animal Complications

Have you seen a horse fly? Well one man did for the first time ever when the FAA cleared miniature horses for travel. So get ready for them to make their next landings in your practice. Make sure your practice is prepared to compliantly handle both service and emotional support animals when they show up […]

Differentiate Opioid Use, Abuse, Dependence to Pin Down Accurate ICD-10-CM F11 Code

QUESTION: We are seeing more and more patients who have at least one substance abuse related diagnosis. We want to ensure that each claim accurately reflects the patient’s diagnosis and the services provided. Can you explain the difference between the opioid-related terms of opioid use, abuse and dependence and their associated ICD-10-CM F11.xx  opioid codes? […]
Provider Medicare Enrollment

5 Steps Prevent Medicare Provider Enrollment Payment Delays

Completing a Medicare provider enrollment application correctly the first time can make the difference between revenue flowing in – or not getting your provider’s services paid until months if at all later. You’ve got to be on top of the entire complicated, deadline-laden Medicare provider enrollment process to prevent delayed or lost reimbursements. 5 steps […]
face masks in waiting room

Prevent Infection with Face Masks in the Waiting Room

The flu season is in high gear and the coronavirus is spreading. Your office can be ground zero for passing germs. Don’t let worries about angering patients stop you from asking patients to don face masks in the waiting room. Here are the steps to communicate and implement an office policy to prevent disease spread. […]
1995 and 1997 EM Guidelines

Avoid 1995 and 1997 E/M Guidelines Misuse – or Face 2021 Overpayments

When documenting medical records, CMS has two sets of established evaluation management (E/​M) documentation guidelines that will be replaced in 2020. You’ve got to understand the key foundations of the current guidelines to be able to learn and understand the upcoming replacement rules – or risk facing thousands in overpayments. E/​M codes will change for […]
Remote Patient Monitoring Coding

5 Tips Audit-proof Your Remote Patient Monitoring Coding and Billing

An easy way to add $122 per patient per month for services you already offer is to capture 2020’s new and revised CPT codes for remote patient monitoring. But be sure you can keep your hard earned money by reporting compliant, documentation supported claims. With the increasing amount of patients having wearable devices such as […]

EKRA Violations Get 20 Years in Prison – Update Your Compliance Now!

Anyone in your practice could be soliciting kickbacks and your compensation arrangements could be in violation too. Those are two lessons learned from the first ever conviction for an EKRA violation committed by an 80-year-old office manager. ERKA violation: A Kentucky woman faces up to 20 years in prison for soliciting kickbacks from a toxicology […]
Front Desk Phone Etiquette

Reduce Patient Loss by Boosting Phone Etiquette

QUESTION: We’ve lost several patients recently because of the poor service our front desk staff has provided over the phone. The team has skills I want to keep, but how they interact with patients on the phone really needs to improve. How can I help the front desk staff to improve their phone etiquette? Denver, […]
HIPAA Student Health Record

Restrict HIPAA Student Record Release or Face Violations

You could get hit with fines for violating HIPAA student health records’ rights unless you update your protocols based on new agency directives. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) updated HIPAA and privacy act laws on how to maintain students’ health records. Some situations allow […]
Office Animal Policy

Dodge $75K ADA Fine with Answers to Office Animal Policy FAQs

Whether patients are bringing pets to your office because it’s trendy or a medical necessity is not for you — or anyone in your practice — to decide. You need to understand the laws and implement a clear office animal policy to educate your staff and protect your practice from a blow to your reputation, […]