Why You Won’t Miss Audio Educator

To help fill the training void of Audio Educator closure has created, we’d like to welcome you to give us a try at 50% off your first online training session.
Documentation Checklist Bulletproof Your Claims

Documentation Checklist Can Bulletproof Your Claims

Provider documentation is your only defense if you’re faced with an audit. It must be rock-solid to support the claims you submit to payers. But how can you ensure this happens when each clinician has his or her own style and perspective when documenting a patient encounter? The answer is good basic, defensible documentation. Here […]

Tips for Getting Contracted into
Closed Payer Networks

Since many payer networks are already complete, it is often challenging for providers to get contracted. Therefore, the question is what can you do as a provider of valuable medical services to get into a closed or narrow payer network?
Patient Wait Time

Overcome Patient Wait Time Frustrations

Patient survey results were recently published by Software Advice that uncovered that your patients are using wait times found online as a determining factor when deciding to make an appointment with you.

10 Tips for Responding to a Records Request

In the last few years, the number of providers that have received records requests from third-party companies hired by health plans has skyrocketed. The good news for providers and patients is that risk adjustment requests are NOT for determining the medical necessity of ...