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A Passion for Pediatrics Leads to New Business

Editor’s Note: At HCPA, we know how hard it is for practices to stay on top of the regulations and train yourselves and your staff on the requirements while taking care of your patients and operations. We wanted to share with you one client’s inspirational approach to overcoming the training challenges at her pediatric home health agency. We think you’ll be inspired too!

Linda Moore, President 

Company: Hands That Touch, a Pediatric Home Health Agency

Location: Laurel, MD

Interests: Marathons, helping, entrepreneurship

Training Needs: ICD-10, audits, medical

QUESTION: How do you overcome the challenges of staying up to date on regulations and training your staff on them?

ANSWER: “We do group training when we can, but much of it is individual. We can study the Healthcare Training Leader material separately and then get together to discuss it.

Linda Moore saw a need in the home health field: As a former owner of a pediatric hospice program, Moore had a difficult time finding home health nurses to treat her pediatric patients. Moore filled that need by co-founding Hands That Touch Home Health Services, along with two other nurses who saw the same need in their communities.

Founded in 2014, the Hands That Touch team of seven field nurses and two case managers provide in-home care for pediatric patients with acute and chronic issues. Through their care, the team gives patients and their families the tools and knowledge to transition from their injury, surgery, or disease to their highest potential.

New Business, New Skills

With strong clinical backgrounds, plus management and supervisory experience, Moore and her co-founders were well-prepared for their new venture. But they realized that while they excelled at patient care, their business skills needed a boost. “There were — and still are — challenges every day,” Moore says. “We didn’t get that type of training in the hospital,” says Moore.

In fact, the hospital environment was a major reason Moore decided to start her own business. “I didn’t feel like my knowledge was being used to the best of my ability,” she recalls. “Nurses typically don’t look at themselves as being independent providers, but there are so many things we can offer. You don’t have to stay in the hospital.”

Education: A Key Growth Factor

Moore’s focus on pediatric patients has been well-received. “It took a while for hospitals and clinics to catch on,” she says, “but once they saw that kids — like adults — could be treated at home and get better, the concept caught on.”

With that growth came a need for education on topics like financials, payer contracting, ICD-10 coding, documentation, and more. With her 16-year military service, Moore knew the importance of ongoing training for everyone on her team. Healthcare Training Leader helps her team with practical expert advice and strategies in a flexible format.

Unlike military teams, Moore’s team isn’t physically together most of the time. “We work in a virtual world,” she says. “We do group training when we can, but much of it is individual.

We can study the Healthcare Training Leader material separately and then get together to discuss it. Teamwork at Hands That Touch expands the training to their specific concerns, according to Moore. “We share information – like audit results — with everybody. That way, we get better ideas on how to fix things.”

Helping Each Other and Ourselves

Moore credits a robust support network — both inside and outside her business — with the growth and success of Hands That Touch.

Her most important piece of advice? “If you try to do it yourself, you will fail. It’s very difficult to start a business without a good support panel. Collaborating with other business owners, the Small Business Association, the local Chamber of Commerce — all those things can give you support, but it’s up to you to reach out.”

In her free time, Moore enjoys training for and running marathons. To date, she has 28 under her belt—her goal is to reach 50.

Hands That Touch also gives back to their community. The whole team volunteered recently at their last event to truly be hands that help.

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