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covid vaccine mandate

Comply with State COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements and Deadlines

Before you spend hours debating whether to mandate your staff to get vaccinated for COVID-19, you should figure out if you really have a choice. It may not actually be up to you. covid vaccine mandate. As reports of new variants of the virus are all over the news, and data to suggest that infection […]
responses to your voicemails

Proven Tactics to Get Your Voicemails Answered More Quickly

Have you noticed that people rarely answer their phone anymore. They screen their calls, and decide later whether to call you back or not. Then, when they do call you back, they are likely to get your voicemail, and the telephone tag cycle begins. responses to your voicemails. Getting responses to your voicemails more quickly […]
PRF Allowable Expenses

HHS Provider Relief Fund Q&A: Payroll/Employee Allowable Expenses

You received your HHS Provider Relief Fund (PRF) money, now what? PRF Allowable Expenses. Well, depending on your reporting Period deadline, you must submit detailed data on how you used your PRF money. There are numerous calculations you must correctly tabulate before submitting your data to HHS. One of these is figuring out which payroll/​employee […]
Patient Termination Letter

Avoid Costly Lawsuit: Write Compliant Patient Termination Letter

Both you and the patients are free to choose whether you have a relationship or not. In most cases, you are completely within your right to decline to take on a patient if you don’t feel it’s not a good fit. However, if you accept someone as a patient, and later decide that it isn’t […]
Identity and Access Management System

Make Medicare Enrollment Easier and More Efficient with a CMS I&A account

CMS’ Identity and Access Management System (I&A) allows you to manage your providers’ Medicare enrollments and related online activities more easily and efficiently.   Until a few years ago, you were required to have a separate username and password for each of the CMS’ online systems necessary to ensure your Medicare enrollments and reimbursement.  To compound […]
Patient Abandonment Lawsuit

Stop Costly Reasonable Notice Errors When Ending a Patient Relationship

Reasonable notice is a component of the process to correctly terminate your relationship with a patient.  The goal is to provide your patient with enough time so that they can comfortably find a suitable replacement to take over their medical treatment.  If the patient feels rushed or like you’ve turned your back on them, the […]
HIPAA violation

HIPAA Violations: Protect Patient Information at Your Front Desk

Your front desk team receives a call from a patient and instinctively jots down the caller’s information on a piece of paper. But wait – do they realize this could lead to serious penalties for HIPAA violation? Your front desk could unwittingly be the source of a data breach. A patient or visitor gaining access […]
Vaccination exemption

New Employment Rules: COVID Vaccination Reasonable Exemptions

In May of this year, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released new guidance for employers related to offering and requiring employees with disabilities to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. The term “disability” encompasses a variety of situations and conditions – many beyond those typically considered by employers. Unknowingly, you may be at a high risk […]

Update: HHS Provider Relief Fund Portal Reporting Rules & Deadlines

On September 10th, 2021, HHS announced the availability of $25.5 Billion still available in COVID assistance within Phase 4 of the Provider Relief Fund program. Even if you received financial help previously from this program, you may still be eligible.  Also, non-par providers can apply as well. Additionally, in the same announcement, HHS reported the […]
Medicare Participating Provider

Medicare PAR vs Non-PAR: Reduce Hassle and Boost Cashflow

Choosing the wrong Medicare participation status for your provider can have significant financial consequences for your practice. Your choices are a Medicare Participating Provider (PAR) or a Medicare Non-Participating Provider (non-PAR). If you make the wrong choice, your allowable reimbursement can be limited, or you can end up unable to get paid by Medicare at […]