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RT and LT modifiers

Real-World Examples Guide When to Use RT and LT Modifiers

If you’ve ever coded a patient chart, you know about the LT (Left side) and RT (Right side) modifiers. Together, the RT and LT modifiers are used to show laterality — in other words, they describe which side of the body was addressed during a procedure or surgery, or if supplies are being prescribed. Check […]
Medicare coding errors

Check the Biggest Medicare Coding Errors of 2023: E/M & More

Every coder knows that although most providers perform evaluation and management (E/​M) services nearly every day, coding these visits aren’t necessarily straightforward. That fact is backed up by data in the latest CMS report, which notes that established patient E/​M codes 99211-99215 were riddled with errors, most of which were due to upcoding. The facts: CMS published […]

Collect More E/M Pay in 2024 With New Add-on Code G2211

It’s not often that CMS presents coders with a way to collect more for E/​M visits, but in 2024, you’re about to benefit from a relatively new add-on code that allows you to do just that with the implementation of G2211 effective January 1. Discover the facts you must know if you want to collect […]
Radiology coding

3 Radiology Coding Best Practices to Keep Imaging Pay Flowing

Providers perform diagnostic radiology services not only to evaluate a patient’s condition, but also to follow up on progress or determine whether a treatment is working. Coding these services sometimes seems straightforward, but it’s easy — and dangerous — to get complacent about radiology coding. Check out three tips that can help you ensure that […]
Modifier 25

3 Modifier 25 Best Practices to Keep Your E/M Pay Flowing

Every minor procedure your providers perform includes an inherent evaluation and management (E/​M) portion factored into the reimbursement for it. But when you go beyond that cursory E/​M work, you should be able to collect for the extra time your provider spends — and that’s where modifier 25 comes in. Although modifier 25 represents a […]
Telehealth services

CMS Updates Telehealth Rules, Approves Using E/M Code G2211

If your practice has been eagerly awaiting word from CMS about how Medicare payments would be calculated in 2024, the wait is over. The agency released its 2024 Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule on November 2, and the provisions include a 3.4% lower conversion factor of $32.7375, updates to the telehealth rules, approval of using […]
Incident to billing

3 Examples Help Strengthen Your Incident To Billing Skills

When a nonphysician practitioner (NPP) sees a Medicare patient at your practice, you can typically plan to collect a reduced rate compared to what a physician would receive for the same service. But one way you can avoid accepting 15% less pay for the same service is by utilizing incident to billing — if you […]
CPT 2024

CPT 2024: Check New RSV, COVID-19 Immunization Codes

If your practice likes to get ahead of the curve, now’s the time to start getting to know the 2024 CPT codes. The American Medical Association (AMA) released the updated code set on September 8, revealing 230 new codes, 49 deletions and 70 revisions. Take a look at some of the highlights you’ll find as […]
Urine drug testing

3 Compliance Tips to Follow When Billing Urine Drug Testing

Because urine drug testing (UDT) codes don’t bring in massive reimbursement on a per-claim basis, many practices think the OIG isn’t paying much attention to these services — but that misconception can get you into trouble. In fact, the OIG frequently comes after practices that incorrectly report drug testing services, not only asking for refunds, […]
JZ modifier

Avoid Oct. 1 Denials: Report Modifiers JW and JZ Properly

When CMS debuted the JZ modifier last November, the agency gave practices until July 1 to start using it, allowing for a brief period so billers could get to know how the modifier worked. Unfortunately, some practices aren’t yet using modifier JZ, which could mean trouble starting in October—at which point Medicare payers will start […]