OSHA covid

OSHA Covid-19 Rules & Emergency Temporary Standard: Comply or Face Huge Penalties

Update Notice: As of July 21, 2021, healthcare businesses must be in full compliance with OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), including its guidelines for ventilation, physical barriers and training. Although the ETS is already in effect, the comment period is extended through August 20, 2021. Read more about the extended comment period and field inspection and […]
HHS Reporting Deadline

New Process: 4 Steps Ensure You Meet Your HHS Funds Obligations

The new HHS reporting portal is now open for you to register your practice. If your practice accepted provider relief funds, this is the new 2021 step you need to do next. Be sure to get your name in the new portal, so you don’t miss out on any of your grant’s reporting application steps. […]
2021 FFCRA Update

FFCRA: Receive a Tax Break When You Give COVID-19-Related PTO

You can get a tax break when an employee is exposed to COVID-19 this Spring – or has to care for an ill child, and you compensate your staff for the time off. 2021 FFCRA Update. The mandatory paid time off that you had to provide under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) expired […]
COVID Vaccine Admininstration Coding

Get the Correct COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Code and Pay

You MUST use a totally different system to get paid and code for COVID-19 vaccine administration; unlike other vaccines that use generic administration CPT codes, coronavirus vaccine reporting requires unique codes. Get up to speed now on the available vaccines and how to report them correctly from your very first claim without over billing. There […]
COVID Post Travel Employment Laws

Head Off COVID-19 After Travel Employment Law Violations

QUESTION: Some of our employees are planning on traveling out-of-state during the holidays. We are considering restricting their vacations to reduce the post-travel risk of them spreading the coronavirus to our staff and patients. If they do travel, can we require an after-travel quarantine before we allow the individual to return to work? Question from […]
require flu shots

3 Steps to Require Flu Shots Without Violating Employee Laws

Mandating employees flu shots will land you in a legal mess unless you have the right Federal and state requirements in place. Requiring your staff to receive an infleunza vaccination absolutely reduces illness and absenteeism and protects your patients. And many of your employees will willingly get a flu shot this fall; some may refuse. […]
OSHA COVID-19 recording requirements 201014HRS-OSHA

4 Steps Prevent OSHA COVID-19 Recording Violation

OSHA recently announced that its officers will investigate your non-work-related records of employees that have COVID-19. But determining the cause of the illness is really tricky, and there’s a lot at stake. Do it wrong, and you could get hit with a costly employee safety penalty. It’s up to you to steer clear of OSHA […]
CPT Code 99072 COVID PPE

Get Paid for Coronavirus Prevention – New Code Notification

Your cry that COVID-19 is costing you time and money has been heard. Now, you could be compensated for the extra expense that your practice spends on creating a safe environment for your patients and staff. Recently, the AMA created new CPT code 99072 to reimburse you under these circumstances. Below, find out exactly how […]
COVID PTO Employee Discharge

COVID Leave: Check This Before Discharging Employee

QUESTION: A staff member has been off for more than a total of 12 weeks. She has been providing doctor’s notes that state due to her health conditions she should not report to work due to COVID-19. She was paid for 12 weeks and now is being paid from her PTO. How much more flexible can we […]
Refuse mask ADA

Stop Legal Nightmares When Your Staff Confront Face Mask Refusals

The sad reality is your front desk employees are being forced to police your patients’ compliance with local, federal, as well as your own face mask mandates. Arm your staff with the tools they need to be polite, uphold employment law, all while not violating the patient’s ADA rights. This guide walks you and your […]