Physician Credentialing: Prevent Cash Flow Break with NPI Accuracy Essentials

Make no mistake! Setting up and maintaining the accuracy of each of your physician’s National Provider Identifier (NPI) is essential and COMPLEX. Any error on your NPI application will result in your reimbursement being delayed and a hit to your practice’s cash flow. As a Medicaid/​Medicare provider, you are required to obtain a NPI to […]
Credentialing Hospital Privileging

Speed Up Doctor’s Hospital Privileging

QUESTION: Our providers have privileges at two separate hospitals. Every couple of years, they make us jump through a variety of hoops to keep our providers’ hospital privileges active. This year, one of the hospitals is asking us to send provider references. Who should we ask? Anonymous, Alpharetta, GA ANSWER: Hospitals typically ask for three […]
Credentialing tools

Credentialing Tools: Checklists and Programs to Speed Applications

Your provider cash flow will come to a screeching halt unless you secure on-time insurance enrollment and hospital privileges. But with so many steps and forms to keep up-to-date, avoiding an accidental lapse in credentials can be really easy. With the right tools, you can stay on top of the process and your reimbursements flowing. […]
provider credentialing

New Provider Credentialing: Your Top 10 Questions — Answered!

Does even thinking about new provider credentialing give you a headache? Sure, you’re anxious for new providers to start generating revenue for your practice. But you’re also dreading those long, complicated forms that are so easy to mess up. Credentialing is anything but simple. One misstep, and your practice’s revenue cycle will slow to a […]

Medical Credentialing: What Is It & Why Is It Important for Reimbursement?

Without proper medical credentialing, a medical practitioner legally cannot work at a hospital or partner with insurers. Having medical staff credentialing training is crucial to ensure staff properly attain and maintain physicians credentials. Only a new physician or practitioner who is credentialed is allowed to see patients, receive insurance reimbursements, and treat hospital inpatients. Fail […]