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Emergency Prep

Emergency Prep

active shooter

Strategize an Exit Plan if An Active Shooter Enters Your Practice

Your front desk team is likely to encounter angry patients from time to time, but when patients get violent, things can take a very stressful — and dangerous — turn. In some cases, that may mean your front desk team is confronted by someone with a weapon. Unfortunately, active shooter incidents have occurred at several […]
how to deal with angry patients

Ask These Questions to Calm Angry Patients at the Front Desk

The sooner you can de-escalate angry patients, the better it will be for everyone in your office. The key is to ask questions that will ease their tension and create a calmer environment. Consider the following examples of questions that can help when you’re figuring out how to deal with angry patients. 1. Identify Common […]
angry patient

Five Intuitive Ways to Identify Potentially Violent Patients

Anger is a natural emotion that affects everyone now and then, but when an angry patient comes to your front desk, the repercussions can be serious. Not only can dealing with stressed-out patients make it hard for your front desk team members to do their jobs, but having someone cause a scene in your waiting […]
Active shooter threat

Defend Against Active Shooter Threats with Common Objects

You may not want to think about an active shooter threat at your practice, but not taking the time to prepare can be deadly. Just by working in healthcare you are at an increased risk of harm. Nearly 75% of workplace assaults occur in healthcare settings, and healthcare continues to be one of the most […]
COVID Workplace Violence

4 Steps Prevent a Spike in Post-COVID Workplace Violence

Even before the recent pandemic, healthcare workers were four times more likely to be the victims of workplace violence than any other industry. Then, you add the fear, anger and stress of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, and the potential risk rises even further. Everyone is a little on edge (healthcare workers and patients alike). Being […]
Front Desk Angry Patients

Handle Angry Patients for Front Desk Win-Win

QUESTION: Although most of our patients are friendly, sometimes we have patients who are hard to manage. In a couple of instances, a staff member got upset, the encounter got loud and the physician had to step in. There must be a better way for us to handle these situations. Anonymous, Sacramento, CA ANSWER: You’re right. How […]

How to Train Hospital Staff for an Active Shooter

With increased shootings, active shooter training for hospitals is critical. Hospitals and various other healthcare organizations are increasingly developing response plans for handling these incidents and protecting both hospital staff and patients with active shooter training for hospital employees. Does your healthcare facility have such a plan in place? Do you, and other people you […]
Emergency Preparedness Plan

Implement a Compliant Emergency Preparedness Plan ….. Or Else

The Emergency Preparedness Rule final rule establishes standards to help you demonstrate that you stand ready for some of the frightening scenarios that can compromise the wellbeing of your patients. And the consequences of not complying can be as severe as...