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6 Features You’ll Love in PECOS 2.0 When it Debuts in June

Completing Medicare enrollments and revalidations has been a headache for practices over the past several years, due to a complicated process and a slow approval system. As practices have complained, CMS has been listening, and the agency aims to fix that issue with the debut of PECOS 2.0 this June. Read on to discover some […]
Provider enrollment and credentialing

3 Provider Enrollment Barriers and How to Overcome Them

One of the simplest and fastest ways to keep reimbursement flowing at your practice is to ensure your provider enrollment and credentialing processes never face any hiccups. After all, if you don’t get your providers enrolled and credentialed swiftly, they could be terminated from payer networks and dropped from hospital admitting rolls. Plus, you’ll be […]
provider credentialing

5 Steps Help You Reach Payers, Speed Credentialing Processes

Getting payers to respond to your provider credentialing and enrollment questions sometimes feels impossible, but without their help, you won’t be able to process your applications, which means you can’t bill for new providers. There are, however, concrete ways you can reach insurers and get responses to your credentialing questions. Check out five expert-tested ways […]

Stop Denials Due to Multiple PTANs During Medicare Enrollment

Medicare enrollment and validation processes are complicated and frustrating enough when things are straightforward (which they rarely are).  But when you run into multiple Provider Transaction Access Numbers (PTANs) attached to one of your providers’ National Provider Identifier (NPI), things can get really difficult. Failure to identify and resolve instances where additional PTANs have crept […]
Medicare Revalidation

Medicare PECOS Enrollment Revalidations Resume Oct. 2021

On October 3rd, CMS announced that it is resuming Medicare revalidations of provider enrollment information in the PECOS system in October 2021. If you are an existing Medicare provider and missed your revalidation due date because of the Public Health Emergency (PHE) deferral, CMS will be implementing these in phases. Effective October 31st, Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) and National Supplier […]
Identity and Access Management System

Make Medicare Enrollment Easier and More Efficient with a CMS I&A account

CMS’ Identity and Access Management System (I&A) allows you to manage your providers’ Medicare enrollments and related online activities more easily and efficiently.   Until a few years ago, you were required to have a separate username and password for each of the CMS’ online systems necessary to ensure your Medicare enrollments and reimbursement.  To compound […]
Medicare Participating Provider

Medicare PAR vs Non-PAR: Reduce Hassle and Boost Cashflow

Choosing the wrong Medicare participation status for your provider can have significant financial consequences for your practice. Your choices are a Medicare Participating Provider (PAR) or a Medicare Non-Participating Provider (non-PAR). If you make the wrong choice, your allowable reimbursement can be limited, or you can end up unable to get paid by Medicare at […]
PECOS login

Accurately Choose Your PECOS Login Surrogacy Designation

CMS rules do not allow you to use your provider’s login credentials to manage their Medicare enrollment and ongoing revalidations in PECOS (Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System). There is a more efficient, compliant process you should be using to manage this. PECOS login. To be compliant, you must set up a PECOS login surrogacy […]

Use PECOS to Speed Up Medicare Enrollment Efficiency

Whether you’re enrolling your provider with Medicare for the first time or responding to a revalidation request, knowing how to correctly utilize CMS’ Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System or PECOS Medicare enrollment system is essential. What is the PECOS Medicare Enrollment system, anyway? PECOS is an internet-based enrollment process that provides you with an […]