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Patient collections

Collect More Self-Pay Cash Up Front, Proven Front Desk Tactics

If you let a patient walk out the door without paying even part of their bill, you can expect to collect only 30% of what you are due. That’s a lot of money to lose on each patient interaction. patient collections Every year, patients are paying more out-of-pocket due to higher deductible healthcare plans and represent a […]
How to deal with talkative patients

Shut Down Talkative Patients Without Them Feeling Unheard

When chatty patients threaten to derail your staff’s already scattered time and attention, you need an intervention plan. Talkative patients mean well. They may be lonely and just need to talk to anyone who will listen. Sometimes, they’re just comfortable at your practice and want an opportunity to catch up with your staff (which is […]
Active shooter threat

Defend Against Active Shooter Threats with Common Objects

You may not want to think about an active shooter threat at your practice, but not taking the time to prepare can be deadly. Just by working in healthcare you are at an increased risk of harm. Nearly 75% of workplace assaults occur in healthcare settings, and healthcare continues to be one of the most […]
Patient phone calls

Improve Patient Satisfaction with Proven Hold Etiquette

An estimated 80% of patient first contact happens over the phone. And with practices dealing with smaller staffs and increasing patient requests, chances are good that some portion of patient phone calls will be put on hold. How your staff handles putting a patient on hold can make or break their relationship with your practice. […]
Dissatisfied patients

Overcome Dissatisfied Patients with Intervention Action Plan

Allowing your staff to resolve issues on their own for frustrated and dissatisfied patients is asking for trouble. Without a clear intervention plan in place, you can’t know for sure that your patients are being managed the way they should be. Without a formal intervention plan in place, your patients and practice reputation are at […]
Angry patients

Help Your Front Desk Get Control of Patients that Use Profanity

When patients use profanity with your staff, whether on the phone or in person, it not only makes for a negative workplace, but it can also have dire consequences for your overall practice. These situations can lead to high staff turnover, a reduction in patient retention, and a loss of reimbursement. Angry patients. Unfortunately, you […]
notice of privacy practices

Avoid Notice of Privacy Practices HIPAA Danger Zones

HIPAA guarantees a variety of patient rights — one of these includes a patient’s right to know how you’re going to use their PHI (Protected Health Information). In addition, HIPAA requires you to describe your office’s privacy practices in writing in an easy-to-read format, called a Notice of Privacy Practices. Don’t take this HIPAA notification lightly. This is […]
common HIPAA violations

Use Role Playing to Avoid Costly Front Desk HIPAA Errors

Each time one of your patients checks in, his or her personal information has an increased potential of being seen or overheard by someone else in your reception area. However, being aware of this increased risk and setting up preventive actions means you can head off common HIPAA violations at check-in before they occur. common […]
HIPAA violation

HIPAA Violations: Protect Patient Information at Your Front Desk

Your front desk team receives a call from a patient and instinctively jots down the caller’s information on a piece of paper. But wait – do they realize this could lead to serious penalties for HIPAA violation? Your front desk could unwittingly be the source of a data breach. A patient or visitor gaining access […]
Angry Patient Communication

Front Desk Communication Strategies to Calm the Angriest Patient

Defusing angry or hostile patients is a critical skill for everyone on your front desk team to have. How your staff handles these situations can have a positive or negative ripple effect for everyone in your office. Angry Patient Communication. In many instances, clear communication is the solution. When done correctly this can de-escalate most […]