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Front Desk

Front Desk

Angry patients

3 Examples Help You Defuse Angry Patients During Phone Calls

Every medical practice has experienced it: Angry patients are on the phone and your front desk team has to work through a variety of solutions to resolve their issues. Even though it may not be simple to mitigate an upset patient’s complaints, it is possible to not only keep them happy, but to engender positive […]
medical customer service

5 Front Desk Cheat Sheets to Boost Medical Customer Service

Maintaining a high level of customer service isn’t a good habit just for retail, hotel and restaurant staffers. In fact, it’s almost more important to provide excellent medical customer service, because your staff members are dealing with patients at a vulnerable time — when they’re concerned about their health. There are hundreds of ways you […]
Insurance ID card

The Anatomy of a Patient Insurance ID Card and What It Means

Your front desk staff members have an incredibly important job, and one critical responsibility is to get patient insurance ID card information when patients make an appointment, and then scan those cards when patients come in for their visits. Just as important as it is to gather information from a patient insurance ID card, it’s […]
Patient payment estimator

Price Transparency: How to Give Accurate Estimates to Patients

If you’re looking for a new way to bring in cash, check out this statistic: About 52% of patients would pay $700 more by credit card when visiting a physician if they’d gotten an estimate at the point of care. That stat from a McKinsey quarterly survey of retail health care consumers demonstrates just how […]
Communication tips

6 Communication Tips for Having Difficult Patient Conversations

You probably don’t like talking about finances with your patients, but you may be surprised to learn that they hate the topic even more than you do. When faced with a difficult billing experience, more than 40% of patients will consider switching practices. This means that smoothing these conversations can not only reduce anxiety among […]
Medical collections

6 Steps to Collecting From Patients Before & During Registration

Medical practices leave a startling $125 billion uncollected every year due to poor collections practices. If you think your practice isn’t responsible for even a dollar of that number, you’re probably wrong. Even if you’ve instituted a medical collections overhaul at your practice, it’s likely that some money is being uncollected that you haven’t followed […]
Communication barriers

How to Overcome 5 Communication Barriers at Your Practice

Great patient service at your medical practice starts with excellent communication skills, and that goes far beyond smiling and greeting patients when they come through your door. You must also know how to anticipate potential communication barriers and create strategies to overcome them so every patient leaves your practice feeling great about the care they […]
Patient scheduling

Study: Practices Want Digital Scheduling, But Patients Prefer Calls

Going digital can mean a lot of different things to medical practices, but one aspect growing in popularity involves digital scheduling software. Unfortunately, however, most patients still like to make their appointments over the phone. That’s the word from a new survey released by Relatient, which compiled survey data from more than 350 provider group […]
Medical terminology

5 Tips Help Your Front Desk Team Decipher Medical Terms

From diplococcus to cyanosis, the medical terminology that crosses your desk on a daily basis can make your head spin. Looking up the terms can be time-consuming, but without knowing what they mean, you could misunderstand patients and schedule them with the wrong specialist, report the wrong codes when you’re getting preapprovals, or make mistakes […]
Phone skills

5 Tips Every Front Desk Phone Staff Member Must Master

When a patient calls your practice for the first time, you have about 60 seconds to make a first impression. And although your words count, only 16% of their impression of you is based on the words you use. The other 84% involves your tone of voice and other factors. To boost your phone skills […]