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Front Desk

Front Desk

Front Desk Angry Patients

Handle Angry Patients for Front Desk Win-Win

QUESTION: Although most of our patients are friendly, sometimes we have patients who are hard to manage. In a couple of instances, a staff member got upset, the encounter got loud and the physician had to step in. There must be a better way for us to handle these situations. Anonymous, Sacramento, CA ANSWER: You’re right. How […]
HIPAA Violations

Practice QA: Derail HIPAA Violations When Leaving Patient Messages

QUESTION: I’m trying to help staff avoid HIPAA violations when leaving patient messages. What should and shouldn’t you say when leaving voice messages for patients?   – Anonymous, Chicago, IL   How to Avoid HIPAA Violations When Leaving Messages ANSWER: To avoid HIPAA violations, first, it’s important that you have a signed consent form on file […]

Master Front Desk Collections Tactics That Get You Paid More

Once your patients walk out the door, your chances of collecting what you’re due plummet. But there is an answer to your collection challenges. By training your front desk team to collect from your patients at both check-ins and check-outs, you can significantly improve your collection percentages. Collections statistics are against you and your practice, […]
Front Desk Customer Service

Head Off 3 Common Front Desk Customer Service Disasters

What’s the most important position in your practice? If you said “doctor” you’re wrong. It’s actually your front desk customer service staff. They are the “gatekeepers,” and typically the very first contact experience a patient has with your office. If it’s a bad front desk customer service, they won’t be seeing your doctor at all. […]
Front Desk HIPAA

Halt Front Desk HIPAA Check-in Violations

Each time a patient checks-in with your front desk, your risk of a HIPAA violation goes through the roof. Especially considering that patient check-in occurs over and over again, every day you’re open to see patients. You might think that your front desk staff are to blame for this increased HIPAA risk. However, the real […]
Front Desk Collections, Expert Tips

Improve Front Desk Collections, Expert Tips Empower Your Team

Almost every practice I speak with has issues with collecting payments from patients. There are so many things that can happen, and the last thing you want is for your patients to leave your practice confused or angry because they aren’t clear about their bill. When I was chatting with one of our speakers, Rhonda […]