PHI Medical records

Protect These Surprising PHI Examples or Risk Medical Records Fines

Breaking medical records retention and destruction rules means big-time financial penalties — up to $50,000 per violation. And while you generally recognize the most common forms of protected health information (PHI) for example patient names and addresses, you’ll be surprised by the many, many types of patient information that are subject to medical records retention […]
Deceased Patient Medical Records

Deceased Patient Records: Stop Fine for Wrongful PHI Access

Your obligation to protect patient privacy doesn’t end when your patient dies — It just gets more complicated. The tricky part is knowing who’s authorized to receive deceased patient medical records because mishandling them will create a financial nightmare for your practice. HIPAA Rule for Deceased Patient Medical Records The HIPAA Privacy Rule states that […]
keep medical records

How Long Must You Keep Medical Records to Prevent Fines?

Retaining medical records for even one patient for the required amount of time is really confusing because there are so many laws you need to follow. But you must keep medical records long enough for all of your patients to protect yourself against hefty FCA violations (up to $50,000 a piece!) and other compliance penalties. […]
patient privacy law original

Front Desk Training: Curtail Privacy Law Violation at Your Practice

QUESTION: Patients at our practice check in and sign out at an open station that overlooks the waiting room. Recently, a patient expressed concern that other people in the area might hear her information. How can we reduce the risk of violating patient privacy law when patients are registering for and scheduling appointments? Question from […]
protected health information during COVID-19

Prevent HIPAA Penalties: 5 Emergency Disclosure Rules to Follow Now

As COVID-19 quickly spreads across the country, so will the requests for access to patient Protected Health Information (PHI).  These requests can come from a variety of sources (i.e. patients, health departments, government agencies, family members, guardians, etc.).  It is imperative that you have a firm handle on your obligations and your patients’ rights when […]
HIPAA Violation Front Desk Sign In Sheet

Head Off Sign-In Sheet HIPAA Violation Penalties

QUESTION: Patients at our practice sign-in on a paper sheet at our front desk when they arrive for their appointments. Recently, a patient expressed concern that other people signing in might see her information. How can we reduce the risk of violating patient confidentiality when patients sign in (and the associated HIPAA penalties that could […]
HIPAA Student Health Record

Restrict HIPAA Student Record Release or Face Violations

You could get hit with fines for violating HIPAA student health records’ rights unless you update your protocols based on new agency directives. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) updated HIPAA and privacy act laws on how to maintain students’ health records. Some situations allow […]
Medical Records HIPAA Access Penaltty

Provide Timely Medical Records or Risk $85K HIPAA Penalty

You must be vigilant in timely releasing patient medical records or face $85,000 in penalties. That’s the amount fined to the second provider since fines began in 2019. In December, Korunda Medical, LLC in Florida was fined $85,000 for slow-walking a patient’s medical records. This is the second enforcement action and settlement leveraged by the […]
Front desk HIPAA Fax

Practice QA: Fend Off Costly Front Desk HIPAA Fax Fines with 6 Actions

QUESTION: I’m trying to prevent my front desk from making HIPAA mistakes when we send and receive faxes that contain protected health information (PHI). What should and shouldn’t you send electronically? Do we need any kind of release on file? Rochester, NY ANSWER: The first key in making sure that front desk HIPAA fax activity […]