notice of privacy practices

Avoid Notice of Privacy Practices HIPAA Danger Zones

HIPAA guarantees a variety of patient rights — one of these includes a patient’s right to know how you’re going to use their PHI (Protected Health Information). In addition, HIPAA requires you to describe your office’s privacy practices in writing in an easy-to-read format, called a Notice of Privacy Practices. Don’t take this HIPAA notification lightly. This is […]
common HIPAA violations

Use Role Playing to Avoid Costly Front Desk HIPAA Errors

Each time one of your patients checks in, his or her personal information has an increased potential of being seen or overheard by someone else in your reception area. However, being aware of this increased risk and setting up preventive actions means you can head off common HIPAA violations at check-in before they occur. common […]
HIPAA access control policy

Control PHI Access to Avoid Massive HIPAA Penalties

Simple mistakes such as not controlling who in your office has access to patient information, can inadvertently result in patient complaints and costly HIPAA access control policy violation penalties. At the core of the HIPAA access control policy Privacy Rule is the “Minimum Necessary Requirement” which offers guidelines around how and when patient information can […]
HIPAA violation

HIPAA Violations: Protect Patient Information at Your Front Desk

Your front desk team receives a call from a patient and instinctively jots down the caller’s information on a piece of paper. But wait – do they realize this could lead to serious penalties for HIPAA violation? Your front desk could unwittingly be the source of a data breach. A patient or visitor gaining access […]
patient access to medical records

Comply with Access to Medical Records Laws to Avoid Hefty Penalties

With the click of a button, any one of your patients can file a complaint against you for failure to grant them easy and timely access to their medical records. However, the complaint alone isn’t what you should be concerned about – it’s what comes next. patient access to medical records Complaints about patient access […]
Information blocking exceptions

Cures Act Rules: Master 8 Record Access Exceptions to Comply

How and when you grant access to your patient medical records is about to change. Effective April 5th, 2021, new federal guidelines require you to more readily grant access to your patients’ health information, or else. Information blocking exceptions. The regulation driving this change is the new 21st Century CURES Act (also referred to as […]
PHI Medical records

Protect These Surprising PHI Examples or Risk Medical Records Fines

Breaking medical records retention and destruction rules means big-time financial penalties — up to $50,000 per violation. And while you generally recognize the most common forms of protected health information (PHI) for example patient names and addresses, you’ll be surprised by the many, many types of patient information that are subject to medical records retention […]
Deceased Patient Medical Records

Deceased Patient Records: Stop Fine for Wrongful PHI Access

Your obligation to protect patient privacy doesn’t end when your patient dies — It just gets more complicated. The tricky part is knowing who’s authorized to receive deceased patient medical records because mishandling them will create a financial nightmare for your practice. HIPAA Rule for Deceased Patient Medical Records The HIPAA Privacy Rule states that […]
OCR Alert HIPAA Fraud

OCR Alert: Beware of HIPAA Fraud Scam

QUESTION: We received a postcard in the mail notifying us of a mandatory HIPAA compliance risk assessment from the Secretary of Compliance, HIPAA Compliance Division. What caused our practice to be scrutinized and how should we respond? Question from San Francisco, California subscriber ANSWER: Unfortunately – or fortunately, you have been the target of an […]
Telehealth HIPAA COVID

3 Ways to Avoid Telehealth HIPAA Violations During COVID-19

While HHS gave you a carrot and on the last possible day extended the public health emergency through mid-October, you better use the time to tighten up your telehealth privacy – or you could face expensive HIPAA violation penalties. Telehealth HIPAA COVID. CMS has added telehealth audits to its new work plan, so take it […]