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Online reviews

6 HIPAA-Compliant Ways to Respond to Online Patient Reviews

Your medical practices is like any other business, in that it has an online presence — which means that sometimes, online reviews are posted, and they aren’t always positive. However, responding to online reviews, even if you feel you’re simply defending your practice, can land you in hot water if your response accidentally violates patient […]
Healthcare data breaches

3 Trends in Healthcare Data Breaches – And How to Avoid Them

A review of the government’s most recent stats about healthcare data breaches reveals a bit of both good news and bad news. On the plus side, there have been fewer data breach attacks on US health care providers and systems so far in 2023. But the bad news is that when attackers strike, they breach […]
HIPAA violations

5 Common Front Desk HIPAA Problems and 5 Ways to Fix Them

Believe it or not, most HIPAA violations occur by accident, due to simple human errors—but that doesn’t mean they don’t qualify as violations. You could be fined if your practice lets a patient’s protected health information (PHI) fall into the wrong hands, whether your staff member did it deliberately or not. To reduce your practice’s […]

How to Update Your Telehealth Security With the PHE Over

As most practices are aware, the COVID-19 public health emergency ended on May 11, 2023, and with it came the end of relaxed HIPAA rules for providers meeting with patients over telehealth. The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has given providers a 90-day flexibility period to ensure telehealth systems and practices are in line with […]
Credit card on file

Compliantly Keep Credit Cards on File for Simpler Collections

Medical practices encounter dozens of touchpoints when patient collections can fall through the cracks. From patients who fail to show up for appointments and those who haven’t met their deductibles to people who simply have coinsurance to pay, the possibilities are endless. That’s why some practices choose to keep a credit card on file. While […]

To Encrypt or Not to Encrypt: Know the Encryption Pros and Cons

Encrypting your medical records, communications and documents can add a deeper layer of security to the protected health information (PHI) that you share and store. When you encrypt data, you’re obscuring it from unauthorized users, making it less likely to be seen by others. If you’re thinking of launching an encryption policy at your practice, […]
Telehealth regulations

HIPAA and Telehealth: Four Essential Ways to Stay Compliant

When the pandemic first began impacting U.S. medical practices in 2020, many providers scrambled to get their telehealth systems up and running to meet the telehealth regulations. Today it’s a completely different landscape, with telehealth one of the norms in modern practices and many organizations declaring that telehealth is here to stay. Even as these […]

Your Comprehensive Guide to Performing Weekly HIPAA Analyses

When patients come to your practice, they expect their medical information to remain private, and it’s your job to make sure that happens. To stay on top of your HIPAA requirements, your best bet is to create ongoing, weekly and quarterly checklists that can help you remain on track with every responsibility. As a best […]

Check These Ongoing HIPAA Responsibilities to Stay on Track

Keeping your patients’ information private is one of the most important ways to stay compliant at your medical practice, and requires more than just signing off on forms. It requires vigilance and commitment, and that means you may need to perform a few ongoing tasks to stay on track with HIPAA compliance. As part two […]

Consult This HIPAA Checklist Every Quarter to Stay Compliant

When the HIPAA privacy laws first went into effect, medical practices were vigilant—but that hasn’t necessarily been the case recently. Some practices have relaxed their HIPAA compliance, and that’s a mistake. The government is still coming after violators, and has imposed more than $133 million in HIPAA settlements and penalties as of Sept. 30, 2022. […]