Human Resources

Human Resources

2021 FFCRA Update

FFCRA: Receive a Tax Break When You Give COVID-19-Related PTO

You can get a tax break when an employee is exposed to COVID-19 this Spring – or has to care for an ill child, and you compensate your staff for the time off. 2021 FFCRA Update. The mandatory paid time off that you had to provide under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) expired […]
COVID Post Travel Employment Laws

Head Off COVID-19 After Travel Employment Law Violations

QUESTION: Some of our employees are planning on traveling out-of-state during the holidays. We are considering restricting their vacations to reduce the post-travel risk of them spreading the coronavirus to our staff and patients. If they do travel, can we require an after-travel quarantine before we allow the individual to return to work? Question from […]
require flu shots

3 Steps to Require Flu Shots Without Violating Employee Laws

Mandating employees flu shots will land you in a legal mess unless you have the right Federal and state requirements in place. Requiring your staff to receive an infleunza vaccination absolutely reduces illness and absenteeism and protects your patients. And many of your employees will willingly get a flu shot this fall; some may refuse. […]
OSHA COVID-19 recording requirements 201014HRS-OSHA

4 Steps Prevent OSHA COVID-19 Recording Violation

OSHA recently announced that its officers will investigate your non-work-related records of employees that have COVID-19. But determining the cause of the illness is really tricky, and there’s a lot at stake. Do it wrong, and you could get hit with a costly employee safety penalty. It’s up to you to steer clear of OSHA […]
COVID PTO Employee Discharge

COVID Leave: Check This Before Discharging Employee

QUESTION: A staff member has been off for more than a total of 12 weeks. She has been providing doctor’s notes that state due to her health conditions she should not report to work due to COVID-19. She was paid for 12 weeks and now is being paid from her PTO. How much more flexible can we […]
COVID-19 Employee Screening

Prevent Havoc from COVID-19 Employee Screening Violation

Screening your employees for coronavirus is a ticking time bomb. Require too much from employees and your demands could trigger a complaint and even a lawsuit. Ask too little and the safety of your patients and staff are at risk. Cut through the confusion of how to screen your employees so your policies best diffuse […]
Employee Positive COVID OSHA

Employee With COVID-19: Prevent OSHA Violation

Question: We are testing employees daily for COVID-19 to protect staff and patients. If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, are we required to record an OSHA incident? Question from Los Angeles, CA subscriber Answer: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements mandate that you record certain work-related illnesses. COVID-19 is included in the regulation […]
Employee tests positive for COVID-19

Reduce Liability if Employee Tests Positive For COVID-19

QUESTION: During the COVID-19 shutdown, we continue to see patients in the office on a reduced schedule. Now, we are getting ready to bring back the majority of our staff and ramp up patient office visits. We are concerned that the increased interactions could result in an employee testing positive for coronavirus. Our small practice does […]
Employee COVID19 Symptoms

Prevent Employee-Related COVID-19 Lawsuits

Effective April 1 through 2020, your practice will violate government employment regulations related to how to manage employees who have COVID-19 symptoms unless you get a handle on the new laws outlined in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). Break it or other emergency guidelines, and you’ll face costly penalties and lawsuits. Answers to your toughest […]
Healthcare Background Check

Prevent Practice Theft & Fraud by Using Healthcare Background Checks

Because your healthcare practice is subject to strict regulations and privy to sought after data, you can’t afford to hire a risky candidate. A compliant healthcare background check is just what you need to screen applicants, verify their credentials, and reduce your financial liability. Pick the Right Types of Healthcare Background Checks You Need Companies […]