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Human Resources

Human Resources

Overtime rule

Clear Staff Confusion About New Overtime Rule With 3 Tips

The Department of Labor’s new overtime rule took effect on July 1, and even though your practice had some time to prepare for it, your staff members may still be confused about the ramifications and the effect it’s had on them. Check out three essential ways you can ease staff confusion about the implications surrounding […]
Non compete ban

Who’s Exempt From Non-Compete Ban? The Surprising Answer

As most practices are now aware, the government will start banning non-compete agreements in September, assuming current litigation doesn’t affect the implementation date. If you’re furiously working to notify staff members that their non-competes will no longer be in effect, keep in mind that some of your employees may still be subject to them. Why? […]
Overtime pay rules

5 Ways Employers Can Comply With New Overtime Pay Rules

As most medical practices are aware, new overtime pay rules are going into effect this year that will require you to overhaul how you pay certain salaried, full-time staff members who earn over $55,068 a year. If you want to comply with the laws, you’ve got to take steps now that help you achieve that […]
Mental health accommodations

8 Mental Health Accommodations to Consider Offering Staff

Every employer in the United States with 15 or more employees must provide “reasonable accommodations” to staff members who have disabilities, and mental health disorders do fall under the requirement. If an employee requests mental health accommodations at your practice, you must be ready to work with them to avoid violating the law. The accommodation […]
Overtime rule

3 Facts Help Medical Practices Prep for the New Overtime Rule

A new employment overtime rule will require you to modify how you pay some of your full-time salaried employees, or you could end up facing expensive and time-consuming investigations into your labor compliance. To ensure your practice is ready for compliance with the upcoming overtime rule, check out three facts about the law. 1. The […]
Employee coaching

4 Employee Coaching Style Differences & When to Use Each Type

Coaching your staff members is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your practice continues running efficiently. Without employee coaching, team members may lose enthusiasm for the role, and you could miss an opportunity to identify unlocked potential. Check out two main types of employee coaching and when each applies. Directive […]
Staff productivity

5 Ways to Improve Your Staff Productivity and Performance

Do you think your practice is as efficient as it could be? If not, you may be thinking you need to boost morale, hire a stronger team, or even spend more of your own time in the office. That isn’t always the remedy, however. In some cases, you simply need to improve staff productivity, but […]
Contractor vs. employee

Contractor vs. Employee: How to Differentiate and Why It Matters

About 3.4 million staff members in the U.S. are erroneously being classified as independent contractors when they should be listed as employees. Part of the issue is that many businesses don’t understand the difference between contractor vs. employee. But under a new rule that takes effect March 11, practices that are making this mistake could […]
Workplace injuries

Healthcare Staffers Fear Workplace Injuries: Protect Your Team

If you think your practice has low odds of experiencing workplace injuries, you may be in for a surprise. Nearly two thirds of healthcare professionals are concerned that they’ll get injured at work this year. Another 94% of healthcare professionals say at-home care makes it even harder to stay safe, due to safety challenges. That’s […]
Physician contracts

4 Tips for New Stark Provisions Affecting Physician Contracts

It’s more important than ever to create your physician contracts to the letter of the law. A brand-new OIG ruling released in November could muddy the waters if you aren’t on top of the rules, and penalties could be huge if you are in violation of the Stark and anti-kickback laws. Check out a few […]