Human Resources

Human Resources

Employee coaching

4 Employee Coaching Style Differences & When to Use Each Type

Coaching your staff members is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your practice continues running efficiently. Without employee coaching, team members may lose enthusiasm for the role, and you could miss an opportunity to identify unlocked potential. Check out two main types of employee coaching and when each applies. Directive […]
Staff productivity

5 Ways to Improve Your Staff Productivity and Performance

Do you think your practice is as efficient as it could be? If not, you may be thinking you need to boost morale, hire a stronger team, or even spend more of your own time in the office. That isn’t always the remedy, however. In some cases, you simply need to improve staff productivity, but […]
Contractor vs. employee

Contractor vs. Employee: How to Differentiate and Why It Matters

About 3.4 million staff members in the U.S. are erroneously being classified as independent contractors when they should be listed as employees. Part of the issue is that many businesses don’t understand the difference between contractor vs. employee. But under a new rule that takes effect March 11, practices that are making this mistake could […]
Workplace injuries

Healthcare Staffers Fear Workplace Injuries: Protect Your Team

If you think your practice has low odds of experiencing workplace injuries, you may be in for a surprise. Nearly two thirds of healthcare professionals are concerned that they’ll get injured at work this year. Another 94% of healthcare professionals say at-home care makes it even harder to stay safe, due to safety challenges. That’s […]
Physician contracts

4 Tips for New Stark Provisions Affecting Physician Contracts

It’s more important than ever to create your physician contracts to the letter of the law. A brand-new OIG ruling released in November could muddy the waters if you aren’t on top of the rules, and penalties could be huge if you are in violation of the Stark and anti-kickback laws. Check out a few […]
OSHA rule

3 Ways to Log Injuries to Comply With New 2024 OSHA Rule

Even if you don’t think of healthcare as a high-hazard industry, the reality is that the government does — and that means you must be ready to comply with a new OSHA rule effective in 2024. If you want to avoid fines, audits and investigations, you’ll need to electronically submit injury and illness information to […]
I-9 form

Check These NEW I-9 Form Changes Before the Nov. 1 Deadline

The updated I-9 form is already out, but many practices aren’t using it yet. The catch? You must start using this form effective Nov. 1, 2023, since the previous version expires on Oct. 31. To prepare for the switchover and ensure you’re ready to begin using the new I-9 form, take a look at these […]
Marijuana in the workplace

6 Ways to Protect a Practice From Marijuana Impairment Errors

If your practice is in an area where marijuana is legal, you may think you should just look the other way when staff members are using marijuana in the workplace. But if you adopt this philosophy, you could be setting yourself up for massive liability issues. Why? One federal study found that employees who test […]
Employee handbook

Update Your Employee Handbook, Comply With New NLRB Rule

If your medical practice’s employee handbook was written more than a month ago, it’s probably time to update it. Why? Because the latest National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruling has turned the employee handbook rules upside-down, requiring you to use new language if you want to stay on the right side of the law. Get […]
Summary plan description

Steer Clear of ERISA Violations With a Summary Plan Description

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) governs how your practice must communicate to your employees about such topics as your health insurance plan and your retirement benefits. If your practice doesn’t abide by the law, you could face massive civil and criminal penalties, so it’s essential to stay on top of the requirements. One […]