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Human Resources

Human Resources

Summary plan description

Steer Clear of ERISA Violations With a Summary Plan Description

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) governs how your practice must communicate to your employees about such topics as your health insurance plan and your retirement benefits. If your practice doesn’t abide by the law, you could face massive civil and criminal penalties, so it’s essential to stay on top of the requirements. One […]
Employee retention

7 Ways to Retain Your Best Medical Practice Team Members

When it comes to working hard to retain great staff members, medical practices are no different from other workplaces. You want to keep your best team members happy and satisfied so they stay with you for the long term. After all, hiring is time-consuming and expensive, and patients don’t take well to seeing new faces […]
Remote employee taxes

3 Tax Withholding Considerations for Your Remote Employees

Whether your practice has one remote worker or 20, you can’t afford to make legal mistakes when it comes to the employment and tax rules. As many staffers have shifted to remote work during the pandemic, you’ve had to learn about purchasing at-home office equipment, ensuring you meet HIPAA regulations for remote staff, and much […]
emotional intelligence

Retain Employees by Evaluating Emotional Intelligence Early on

When you’re interviewing new team members for your medical practice, you’re looking for someone with experience, a positive outlook, a personality that fits with your other staff members, and a background of punctuality, among other traits. But you should also be reviewing the person’s emotional intelligence. This refers to someone’s ability to notice, evaluate, and […]
Rejecting accommodations

Stop ADA Lawsuit for Rejected Reasonable Accommodations

When one of your employees has a documented disability, your practice is required to make reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) so that individual can continue their job. While the process of finding a workable solution typically goes pretty smoothly, there may come a time when an employee rejects an accommodation you’ve […]
Remote worker

Protect Against Costly Remote Employee Workers’ Comp Claims

Remote work is here to stay, in some capacity, for the long term. But with this change comes new challenges for your practice. One of which is the potential for a remote worker to file a workers’ compensation claim if they’re hurt at home. Yes, that really can happen. Your practice CAN be held liable […]
Employee evaluation

Objective Staff Evaluations Boost Performance, Reduce Turnover

Employee evaluations are not meant to be punitive, although they can feel that way sometimes. All too often, employee evaluations can become a dumping ground of everything a staff member has done wrong over the last year; but it shouldn’t be this way. Providing feedback to employees regarding their performance is essential to their continued […]
Employee absences

Curb Employee Absences with 5 Proven Policy Tips

When a practice employee falsely calls in sick – or, worse yet, just doesn’t show up when they’re scheduled to work it affects everyone – your patients, staff, and your bottom line. In fact, excessive employee absences can cost your practice nearly $2,000 per employee, per year. Making sure people show up when they’re supposed […]
Vaccine exemption

Must You Offer Remote Work Instead of a COVID Vaccine?

Q: We have a member of our administrative staff who refuses to get the COVID vaccine. However, she doesn’t qualify for a vaccine exemption. As an alternative to being vaccinated, the employee has requested that her position be 100% remote. This is not something we believe is a viable option. Are we required to comply […]
Covid-related disability

Cut Confusion Qualifying COVID Employee Disability Status

out whether an employee’s COVID-19 infection qualifies them for disability protections has been left up to you. Making the wrong decision could open you up to expensive litigation and fines for your practice, another layer of stress during a time when you don’t need any more. Covid-related disability. Thankfully, new guidance from the Equal Employment […]