coordination benefits

Coordination of Benefits: Reduce Payment Delays with Six Simple Steps

QUESTION: We experienced an increase in Coordination of Benefits (COB) issues with Medicare last year. We finally found out there was a “glitch” in their system. The previous accident claim information was populating the primary insurance field. It took us quite a while to recover from this. What can we do to avoid issues like […]
Refuse mask ADA

Stop Legal Nightmares When Your Staff Confront Face Mask Refusals

The sad reality is your front desk employees are being forced to police your patients’ compliance with local, federal, as well as your own face mask mandates. Arm your staff with the tools they need to be polite, uphold employment law, all while not violating the patient’s ADA rights. This guide walks you and your […]
Face Mask Policy

3 Face Mask Policy Don’ts That Protect Your Office

While most of your employees and patients will readily comply with face mask mandates, there are always exceptions. Having the right policy in place will help you properly handle refusals and keep your practice safe. Face mask policy. Avoid these face mask responses at all costs to stop charges of violating an employee, local, or […]
COVID Business Interruption Claim

Get Insurer to Pay Your COVID-19 Business Interruption Claim

QUESTION: Like many practices, COVID-19 sadly has resulted in our office losing significant revenue. We have heard that our business interruption insurance could cover some of our losses which could make a big difference in our practice surviving through the year. Our carrier has supplied little guidance and not responded to our queries. Where do […]
Terminate patient

Terminate a Patient Without Getting Sued

While it may seem a little unfair, patients can switch providers—no questions asked—with nothing more than a call to your practice asking to have records transferred. Unfortunately, when you’re the one making the split, terminating a patient-physician relationship isn’t so cut and dry—think abandonment lawsuit and medical malpractice. Before You Terminate a Patient… There are […]
Head Off $2 Million Medical Billing Fines

Head Off $2 Million Medical Billing Fraud and Abuse Violation

You could be fined up to $11,000 for each false item or service you submit to Medicare. That means, your total penalty amount could be HUGE – reaching into the millions as it did for one physician practice. Halt massive penalties from crippling your practice by fixing these common medical billing fraud and abuse errors. […]
face masks in waiting room

Expert Strategies to Really Get Patients to Wear Face Masks in Your Waiting Room

With the coronavirus rapidly spreading, your office can be ground zero for passing germs. Learn how to get the right patients to use face masks in the waiting room and to implement processes to encourage compliance, not panic. Use Masks, Communication, Screening as First Lines of Defense Coughing patients and anyone suspected of having the […]
Billing Errors False Claims success

Dodge Thousands in Penalties by Owning & Reporting Billing Errors

The False Claims Act makes you – and your provider – responsible for medical billing errors and misbilling claims even if you use a billing company. The massive fines – more than $20,000 per violation – can cripple your practice. This quick start guide gives you key ways to prevent accidentally misbilling claims so your […]
Billing Waivers

5 Steps Make Financial Waivers a Good, Not Risky Deed

QUESTION: We serve a large volume of underprivileged patients who can barely afford to eat. Our doctors often want to help them by waiving their deductibles and co-pays. Could we get in trouble for doing this “good deed”? Cookeville, TN Subscriber ANSWER: Waiving a patient’s co-pay, deductible, or co-insurance can put your practice at risk […]
Balance mistakes

Don’t Let Everyday Billing Mistakes Land You in Legal Hot Water

Billing mistakes have more serious implications than you just seeing a decrease in your reimbursement.  Some of the most common billing errors can get your practice audited, and result in you paying massive violation penalties. Unfortunately, accurately billing for outpatient services is so much more complicated than just submitting a claim or sending an invoice. […]