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Emotional support animals

7 Tips for Creating Your Emotional Support Animal Policy

You’re likely familiar with the federal regulations about service animals, which are animals (typically dogs) trained to perform tasks to benefit a person with a disability. Emotional support animals, however, are not covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act, and aren’t specially trained to assist disabled people. In addition, they can be any type or […]

How the Non-Compete Agreement Ban May Affect Healthcare

Non-compete clauses will soon be banned in most employment contracts, thanks to a new rule that the Federal Trade Commission issued on April 23. Although the final rule affects almost every employer in the country, there are some exceptions, which you must know to stay compliant. Check out a few key facts about how the […]
Overtime rule

3 Facts Help Medical Practices Prep for the New Overtime Rule

A new employment overtime rule will require you to modify how you pay some of your full-time salaried employees, or you could end up facing expensive and time-consuming investigations into your labor compliance. To ensure your practice is ready for compliance with the upcoming overtime rule, check out three facts about the law. 1. The […]
Sunshine act

Are You Subject to Sunshine Act Reporting Rules? 4 Ways to Tell

Under the Sunshine Act, vendors must post the names of every provider they have a financial relationship with — and this means even accepting lunch from a drug rep will land your name on the Open Payments list. If you find out your name is listed inaccurately, you can dispute it. The problem is that […]
Service animals

Untangling the Rules Around Service Animals at Your Practice

When patients or employees want to bring service animals or emotional support animals into your practice, you must tread very carefully. If you make a misstep, you could face lawsuits, regulatory agency fines and reputational damage if you violate the Americans With Disabilities Act. On the other hand, if your emotional support animal policy is […]
Subpoena for medical records

4 Questions to Ask if You Get a Subpoena for Medical Records

If your practice receives a subpoena for medical records, it’s important to stay calm. Although you have to toe the line between complying with the subpoena and protecting patient privacy, there are important questions you must answer before sending the records. Check out the four questions you should always ask when you get a subpoena […]
stark law

Discover How the PHE’s End Will Impact the Stark Law

The end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) is now behind us, and the discontinuation of certain PHE policies spans far beyond COVID-19 tests and vaccinations. In fact, the PHE’s end also has compliance considerations that every practice must know. Among these are vast changes to the Stark law and the ending of blanket […]
Information blocking

5 Examples Help You Master Information Blocking Violations

If your practice isn’t familiar with the federal 21st Century Cures Act—also called the information blocking rule—then you could be at risk of violating this law. In essence, your practice must make electronic health information available to patients and others securely and swiftly, at no cost. Practices that prevent patient access may implicate the information […]
Respond to subpoena

How to Negotiate for More Time When Responding to Subpoenas

If your practice receives a subpoena for records and documents, it can spark immediate fear—not only because it’s always stressful to deal with legal issues, but also because the clock is ticking to respond to the subpoena on time. Fortunately, the person sending the subpoena understands that you’re busy, and may allow extra time to […]
medical expert witness

Called as a Medical Witness? Ace Depositions, Trials & Hearings

When a medical provider is called to give testimony as an expert witness or a fact-based witness, chances are you don’t have the option of saying no. If you’re presented with a legal request, you should be as prepared as possible, and part of that preparation will involve knowing what to wear, say and do […]