Medical Records

Medical Records

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Protect These Surprising PHI Examples or Risk Medical Records Fines

Breaking medical records retention and destruction rules means big-time financial penalties — up to $50,000 per violation. And while you generally recognize the most common forms of protected health information (PHI) for example patient names and addresses, you’ll be surprised by the many, many types of patient information that are subject to medical records retention […]
Medical records copying fees

Avoid Copying Fees Violation, Pinpoint the Right Medical Records Rule

QUESTION: When a state has a cap on the allowed records copying rate, is there ever a situation that justifies exceeding the maximum allowance? Sometimes, the request for the records is for a long-term patient, so there are a lot of pages to copy. Would this case permit charging more than the allowed max charge […]
keep medical records

How Long Must You Keep Medical Records to Prevent Fines?

Retaining medical records for even one patient for the required amount of time is really confusing because there are so many laws you need to follow. But you must keep medical records long enough for all of your patients to protect yourself against hefty FCA violations (up to $50,000 a piece!) and other compliance penalties. […]