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Practice Mgmt

Practice Mgmt

Excel pivot tables

3 MS Excel Features That Can Benefit Medical Practices

If you work in a medical practice, you know how useful Microsoft Excel can be for everything from tracking revenue to logging HIPAA requests. But because Excel offers an unlimited number of ways to display data and information — and to analyze it — you may find some benefit from discovering new ways to use […]
Evaluation and management

Report Reveals Whether E/M Changes Freed up Provider Time

When the CPT rules changed in 2021 and the evaluation and management (E/​M) coding requirements were overhauled, one of CMS’ goals was to cut back on the documentation burden that providers faced. By choosing E/​M codes based on time or medical decision making (MDM) for outpatient visits, the idea was that providers would have more […]
Doctor pay

Report: Medicare Physician Pay Down 22% in Last 20 Years

When most businesses look to the future, they envision income and revenue rising incrementally over time, and medical practices are no exception. However, the results of a new survey show that when adjusted for inflation, Medicare physician pay dropped 22 percent between 2001 and 2021. That’s the word from the 2023 Physician Compensation Report by […]

Which Telehealth Rules Will Go Away When the PHE Ends?

Ever since the public health emergency (PHE) began during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, practices have gotten accustomed to the adjusted rules and regulations, which have included more telehealth flexibilities than ever before. However, when the PHE ends on May 11, many of those provisions will go away. Find out which telehealth PHE […]
Patient scheduling

Study: Practices Want Digital Scheduling, But Patients Prefer Calls

Going digital can mean a lot of different things to medical practices, but one aspect growing in popularity involves digital scheduling software. Unfortunately, however, most patients still like to make their appointments over the phone. That’s the word from a new survey released by Relatient, which compiled survey data from more than 350 provider group […]
Phone skills

5 Tips Every Front Desk Phone Staff Member Must Master

When a patient calls your practice for the first time, you have about 60 seconds to make a first impression. And although your words count, only 16% of their impression of you is based on the words you use. The other 84% involves your tone of voice and other factors. To boost your phone skills […]
E/M codes

CMS: E/M Codes Linked to Over $1 Billion in Improper Payments

Every coder knows that although most providers perform evaluation and management (E/​M) services nearly every day, coding these visits aren’t necessarily straightforward. That fact is backed up by data in the latest CMS report, which notes that E/​M codes 99202-99215 were responsible for more than $1 billion in improper payments during the most recent 12-month […]
Chronic pain management

G3002: Make the Chronic Pain Management Codes Work for You

Medical practices have become accustomed to hearing about cuts to Medicare pay every year, so it’s always good news when Medicare begins covering a new service. Such is the case this year, now that CMS has introduced two new Medicare-specific codes covering chronic pain management. Before you can start collecting for the newly-released chronic pain […]
LEP patient

5 Tips to Create an Effective Translation Program for LEP Patients

Communication is one of the most critical elements of good patient care, and without it, your providers won’t know the patient’s history, current complaint, or even their name. That’s one reason the government requires practices to offer free written and verbal translation services to limited-English proficiency (LEP) patients. If you don’t have a plan in […]
Time management skills

5 Ways Prioritizing Can Help Free up Time and Bring in Money

When it comes to running a medical practice, time really is money—and it always seems like there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything you need so you can keep that money flowing in the door. Freeing up time in your day can help you perform more revenue-generating responsibilities like analyzing your accounts […]