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Practice Mgmt

credentialing relocation

Ensure a Smooth Relocation for Your Practice with These Tips

A practice relocation is a huge endeavor! To ensure continuity of patient care — and maintain positive cash flow — you can’t afford to forget even one minor detail. Use these tips to help you prepare for a seamless transition to your new practice location. Update Credentials Before Practice Relocation  While much of your credentialing […]
PPP Round 2 Funding Application

PPP Round 2 Funding: Get Much-Needed Money with Application FAQ

Your new year’s gift is here; the government is offering you additional relief money to cover your coronavirus prevention, preparation and response costs. The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 includes a second round of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding with another $284 billion up for grabs. But with a short deadline, your chance for securing […]
HHS Reporting Deadline

HHS Reporting Deadline: Keep Your Funds with Must – Follow Accounting Rules

You MUST file your HHS Provider Relief Funds report by the February 15 deadline or you’ll have to pay back your much-needed money. Report an unallowed expense or the wrong amount and you won’t be able to keep your funds. HHS keeps issuing updated guidance on the CARES Act Provider Relief Funding including reporting requirements, […]
Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) - Shortcut

Relief Funds: Get Up to $2 Million in Economic Injury Disaster Loan

Six months of working capital – up to $2 million dollars − is available to help your practice recover from COVID-19 and other disaster-related economic losses; it’s just waiting for you to claim it. Whether your practice is suffering due to COVID-19, civil unrest, or natural disasters, an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) will speed […]
ppp loan forgiveness application deadline

Deter PPP Loan Payments by Using Your Customized Deadline

QUESTION: I’m really confused on the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness application deadline. I’ve read some advice on waiting to apply to better justify our expenses and keep more of our payments. However, the form indicates that it expires 10/​31/​2020. Can you explain this difference?  Question from San Diego, California subscriber ANSWER: The Small […]

5 FAQS Snag More CARES Act Provider Relief Money

The government is throwing you another bone to dig out from all of your pandemic losses and operating expenses. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced an additional $20 billion for provider relief phase 3 funding. But with a short deadline, your chance for securing additional or first-time money is running out! HHS […]
Refuse mask ADA

Stop Legal Nightmares When Your Staff Confront Face Mask Refusals

The sad reality is your front desk employees are being forced to police your patients’ compliance with local, federal, as well as your own face mask mandates. Arm your staff with the tools they need to be polite, uphold employment law, all while not violating the patient’s ADA rights. This guide walks you and your […]
COVID-19 Employee Screening

Prevent Havoc from COVID-19 Employee Screening Violation

Screening your employees for coronavirus is a ticking time bomb. Require too much from employees and your demands could trigger a complaint and even a lawsuit. Ask too little and the safety of your patients and staff are at risk. Cut through the confusion of how to screen your employees so your policies best diffuse […]
PPP Loan Application

PPP Loan Forgiveness Application: 3 Tips Help You Keep More Money

QUESTION: Our practice received payroll protection program (PPP) funds and now we need to fill out the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application. We are confused about what information we need for the forms. How do we determine whether we should follow the 8- or 24-week covered period?   PPP Loan Application. Question from White Plains, NY Subscriber […]
Face Mask Policy

3 Face Mask Policy Don’ts That Protect Your Office

While most of your employees and patients will readily comply with face mask mandates, there are always exceptions. Having the right policy in place will help you properly handle refusals and keep your practice safe. Face mask policy. Avoid these face mask responses at all costs to stop charges of violating an employee, local, or […]