Practice Mgmt

Practice Mgmt

Time management skills

5 Ways Prioritizing Can Help Free up Time and Bring in Money

When it comes to running a medical practice, time really is money—and it always seems like there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything you need so you can keep that money flowing in the door. Freeing up time in your day can help you perform more revenue-generating responsibilities like analyzing your accounts […]
Employee retention

7 Ways to Retain Your Best Medical Practice Team Members

When it comes to working hard to retain great staff members, medical practices are no different from other workplaces. You want to keep your best team members happy and satisfied so they stay with you for the long term. After all, hiring is time-consuming and expensive, and patients don’t take well to seeing new faces […]
patient abandonment lawsuit

Four Instances When You Should Never Terminate a Patient

Every practice experiences situations from time to time when they must terminate the physician-patient relationship. However, you can’t cut ties with even the most difficult patients until you first evaluate your legal obligations. In some cases, termination of the relationship is not a possibility due to medical credentialing or legal guidelines that require the provider […]
No show patients

5 Strategies Help Reduce Medical Practice Patient No-Shows

No show patients have an annual industry impact estimated at $150 billion, and cost your practice about $200 per unused timeslot. In fact, some experts say practices lose an average of 14 percent of their potential earnings each year due to missed patient visits. Not only that, but no-shows mean that patients don’t get much-needed […]
revenue cycle

Build the Ideal Revenue Cycle Team With This Quick Primer

The best way to ensure that you bring maximum revenue into your practice is to involve several key team members in the revenue cycle process so you can master every step along the way. And once you identify the participants, you’ll need to train them properly to keep the entire team running at maximum potential. […]
2023 CPT

CPT 2023: New E/M Code 99418 Among Big Jan. 1 Changes

The end of the year is approaching, and for coders, that always means getting to know a whole new set of procedure codes that take effect January 1. The 2023 CPT code set debuted last week, and includes 393 changes, with most of them (225) consisting of new codes. You’ll also find 75 deletions and […]
Advance beneficiary notice

Keep These ABN Formatting Tips in Mind to Stay Compliant

To keep reimbursement flowing into your practice, you must understand how to complete an Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) of Non-Coverage. But having a high success rate with your ABNs goes beyond filling out the fields correctly. You must also use the right paper size, font, and ink color, or you may end up having to […]
active shooter

Strategize an Exit Plan if An Active Shooter Enters Your Practice

Your front desk team is likely to encounter angry patients from time to time, but when patients get violent, things can take a very stressful — and dangerous — turn. In some cases, that may mean your front desk team is confronted by someone with a weapon. Unfortunately, active shooter incidents have occurred at several […]
emotional intelligence

Retain Employees by Evaluating Emotional Intelligence Early on

When you’re interviewing new team members for your medical practice, you’re looking for someone with experience, a positive outlook, a personality that fits with your other staff members, and a background of punctuality, among other traits. But you should also be reviewing the person’s emotional intelligence. This refers to someone’s ability to notice, evaluate, and […]
phone skills

Retain Patients by Improving Your Practice’s Phone Skills

Good patient relations can mean more than just reading a script when you’re talking to patients on the phone. In many cases, how you say something is just as important as the message you’re trying to convey. Take, for example, what happens when a patient asks for an appointment and your front desk staff member […]