Practice Mgmt

Practice Mgmt

Dissatisfied patients

Overcome Dissatisfied Patients with Intervention Action Plan

Allowing your staff to resolve issues on their own for frustrated and dissatisfied patients is asking for trouble. Without a clear intervention plan in place, you can’t know for sure that your patients are being managed the way they should be. Without a formal intervention plan in place, your patients and practice reputation are at […]
No-Show Policy

Write a No-Show Policy That Gets Patients to Comply

Patients not turning up for their scheduled appointments is certainly not a new problem, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit back and accept a high no-show rate as a normal part of running your practice. No-Show Policy. If your no-show rate is anywhere near the national average of 27%, you are losing […]
No-Show Fees

Set Patient No-Show Fees That Comply with Payer Contracts

Although it’s common to charge patients a no-show fee to deter missed appointments, there is more to it than just modifying your office policies. No-Show Fees. If implemented incorrectly, charging a no-show fee can increase your risk of violating payer contracting rules, and result in higher losses than the original missed appointments. It’s vital that […]
responses to your voicemails

Proven Tactics to Get Your Voicemails Answered More Quickly

Have you noticed that people rarely answer their phone anymore. They screen their calls, and decide later whether to call you back or not. Then, when they do call you back, they are likely to get your voicemail, and the telephone tag cycle begins. responses to your voicemails. Getting responses to your voicemails more quickly […]
Hiring the right medical staff

Successfully Hire the Right Person for Your Office, Fast

Hiring can be one of the most time-consuming, frustrating and IMPORTANT tasks you handle.  The consequences of getting it wrong have far-reaching tentacles that affect everyone from the provider to the patients. There are several key elements to hiring the very best staff members for your practice. And even if you are a seasoned practice […]
credentialing relocation

Ensure a Smooth Relocation for Your Practice with These Tips

A practice relocation is a huge endeavor! To ensure continuity of patient care — and maintain positive cash flow — you can’t afford to forget even one minor detail. Use these tips to help you prepare for a seamless transition to your new practice location. Update Credentials Before Practice Relocation  While much of your credentialing […]
holiday party ideas during COVID

Plan Your Holiday Office Party with COVID-19 in Mind

It’s hard to believe less than a year ago your practice was decking the halls, getting ready for your end-of-year holiday party. Little did you know that 2020 would bring an end to crowded banquet hall celebrations packed with people without face coverings. The good news is you CAN still celebrate the holidays and your […]
Refuse mask ADA

Stop Legal Nightmares When Your Staff Confront Face Mask Refusals

The sad reality is your front desk employees are being forced to police your patients’ compliance with local, federal, as well as your own face mask mandates. Arm your staff with the tools they need to be polite, uphold employment law, all while not violating the patient’s ADA rights. This guide walks you and your […]
Face Mask Policy

3 Face Mask Policy Don’ts That Protect Your Office

While most of your employees and patients will readily comply with face mask mandates, there are always exceptions. Having the right policy in place will help you properly handle refusals and keep your practice safe. Face mask policy. Avoid these face mask responses at all costs to stop charges of violating an employee, local, or […]
COVID Business Interruption Claim

Get Insurer to Pay Your COVID-19 Business Interruption Claim

QUESTION: Like many practices, COVID-19 sadly has resulted in our office losing significant revenue. We have heard that our business interruption insurance could cover some of our losses which could make a big difference in our practice surviving through the year. Our carrier has supplied little guidance and not responded to our queries. Where do […]