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MIPS Virtual Group

Boost Bonus Pay by Joining MIPS Virtual Group

You might be able to boost your future MIPS bonus score by forming a MIPS virtual group, but you have only until Dec 31 to do so. Not sure what this option is and if it’s right for you? Now’s the time to get your ducks in a row and decide if this option will […]
Primary Care First Model

Can Primary Care First Model Boost Your Pay?

If you are a primary care provider who treats Medicare patients — and looking to increase your revenue — the Primary Care First model might be just what you’re looking for. Earlier this year, CMS announced its Primary Cares Initiative, consisting of two new Alternative Payment Models (APMs). Both qualify as Advanced APMs for participation […]
Quality Measures GAO Report

CMS Falls Short Monitoring Quality Measures, Finds GAO Report

For an agency that embraces values-based care, CMS is missing the mark when it comes to monitoring its own quality measures, finds a recent watchdog report. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) published their September 2019 Health Care Quality report: “CMS Could More Effectively Ensure Its Quality Measurement Activities Promote Its Objectives.” The report indicates […]

Ace Changes for MIPS Promoting Interoperability 2019 with 11 Tips

Did you receive a perfect score in the MIPS Promoting Interoperability category in 2017 or 2018? Most practices did in those first two years, but this year, it will be much more difficult to achieve even a high score let alone a perfect one with the changes for MIPS Promoting Interoperability 2019. The worst case […]
MACRA Proposed Rule

MACRA Proposed Rule Could Make MACRA Compliance Easier for Small Practices

If the pending proposed Quality Payment Program (QPP) rule released Jun 20th is finalized later this year, it will be easier for small physician practices (defined at 15 or few eligible clinicians) to earn automatic bonus points and earn hardship exemptions due to electronic health record (EHR) requirements. The currently approved plan states that practices […]

CMS Makes Qualified APM Provider Lookup Available

Even though 2017 is the first year you’re required to collect and report your MACRA quality data, the question of whether you qualify for an Alternative Payment Model (APM) was still open for most providers. The benefit of qualifying to report under APM guidelines is that you don’t have to worry about getting your future […]
MIPS Participation Status Letter

Look for Your MIPS Participation Status Letter Soon

You should learn soon whether you meet the 2017 MIPS participation threshold, CMS announced in an April 25 press release. This means you may know sooner — rather than later — if you have to comply with MACRA for the 2017 reporting period. During the month of May, you will receive a letter from the […]
MIPS Reporting Mean Pay Increase

First Year MIPS Reporting Decision Could Mean Pay Increase

MACRA is not going anywhere. So whether you like it or not, you have an important decision to make. For the first year, you have to weigh your compliance options and pick the right one for your practice. Choose wrong, and you could be faced with a significant decrease in your future Medicare reimbursement. For […]

Free Tool: MIPS vs. APM Decision Tree for 2017 MACRA

The first, and potentially most important, decision you’ll make as you start your 2017 MACRA compliance journey is to determine which program you fall under — MIPS or Advanced APMs. Make the wrong decision, and you can be hit by reductions in your future Medicare payments. Make the right decision, and you could qualify for […]