Specialty Specific

Specialty Specific

psychotherapy CPT

2 Proven Strategies Boost Psychotherapy CPT Code Pay

Stop leaving dollars on the table for mental health services for intake and time. You can add hundreds in revenue using psychotherapy CPT coding tips. Implement these expert tactics to up your reimbursement without attracting unwanted audit attention. Bill New Intake Session after Patient Absence (Codes 90701, 90792) Because many plans pay more for CPT® […]
Coding CPT Injection Infusion

4 Must-Know Injection and Infusion Tips to Boost Pay Up

Correctly coding for injections and infusions can often feel like a shot in the dark. From assigning codes for multiple drugs to add-on codes to accurately documenting stop and start times, even the most experienced coders feel the pinch of these complex coding guidelines. But code claims incorrectly, and you could be costing your practice […]