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CPT code telephone 99443

30-Min Call Now Pays $110

QUESTION: Medicare already covers a physician telephone call with G2012. With the recent virtual care coding changes, should I now use 994xx instead? Subscription question from Bangor, Maine ANSWER: CMS made CPT telephone call codes (99441-99443) payable as of March 1, 2020, and increased their reimbursement to make them equivalent to mid-level established patient office […]
HIPAA Violations Zoom

Use Zoom Judiciously or Face Lawsuit

QUESTION: We heard that HIPAA allowed any technology for telehealth exams during the pandemic.  While researching the options, Zoom was a low barrier entry due to low monthly cost and single sign on function. We have read reports of some companies banning the technology because of security issues. However, we’ve also read that during this […]
Cost Sharing Waivers

Avoid COVID-19 Fraud: Comply with Cost Sharing Waivers

CMS and private payers have recently implemented a variety of prior-authorization, copay and cost-sharing billing waivers for the COVID-19-related services you supply to your patients. Many of the services included in these waivers are being made available to patients at no cost. This helps prevent the inability to pay for services as a barrier to […]
telehealth incidentto hospital

Get Paid for Remote Services for Your Hospitalized Patients

QUESTION: We are really confused on the constant telehealth regulatory changes. Our providers understand that new codes qualify with less supervision – and even without audio. We have several elderly patients who require ongoing care. Can you provide us with some recent options for CMS paid telehealth so we can continue to care for our […]

New CMS Telehealth Rule: Speed Cashflow, Update Billing

Just when you thought you got your head semi-wrapped around Medicare telemedicine rules, they go and throw it out the window! On March 30, CMS issued an Interim Final Rule and released new guidance on how to code and bill for rapidly evolving telehealth services. Before you file another claim, here are the three sweeping […]

Claim Denial Telehealth: Check 2 Items Before Refiling

QUESTION: How can we avoid denials for telehealth claims including modifiers? We just received our first denial for a telehealth service using audio-visual. The claim was filed with office visit code 99212, place of service 02 for telehealth and modifier 95. Can you tell us what we did wrong so that we can get paid […]

Cheat Sheet Masters Emergency Telemedicine Policies Coverage

Your head is spinning as you try to recommend remote service solutions to your providers. To make an intelligent presentation to your doctors, you need to do some homework, so you’re getting the coverage you expect and avoiding hot-water regulations. Get a jump start with expert practice management and reimbursement tips from nationally-recognized coding and […]

Virtual Care Tactics That Net You More Pay

Knowing how to correctly code, bill and get paid for remote services (telemedicine) might be the only way your practice can continue to provide services to your patients without risking the spread of COVID-19. Telehealth services reimbursement has become an overnight necessity for many practices with the recent highly-infectious coronavirus outbreak. The challenge is that […]

3 Audit-Proof Telehealth Scenarios That Count as High-Paying 99201-99215

QUESTION: The telehealth rules indicate the service must be patient initiated. What does this mean? We are a pulmonology specialty group and are considering seeing new patient referrals and established patients by Skype. How can the new patient visits meet the office visits’ exam requirements?                      […]

Master 4 FAQs, Increase Your Telehealth Reimbursement

With telemedicine rules changing daily, you’ve got to have a solid foundation in telehealth guidelines, so you can make the most of adding these services compliantly to boost your pay during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help healthcare practices treat more patients virtually, Congress passed legislation that allowed the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services […]