COVID-19 Employee: Accurately Respond with Intake Template

Bottom Line: You are required to immediately record and file your employee’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis to comply with new State and Federal employment rules – and this template guides you step-by-step through the required intake and reporting stipulations.

You must also ensure compliance with other related government agencies and laws that have been modified due to changing circumstances (i.e. HIPAA privacy, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Occupational Safety and Hazard Agency (OSHA), etc.)

Ignoring these new employment regulations really isn’t an option – it leaves your practice seriously exposed to legal and governmental audits and penalties. The problem is cutting through the legalese and knowing exactly what requirements to put into place.

Hiring a highly qualified healthcare attorney to update your employment protocols and walk you through how to protect your practice could cost you thousands, but there is an alternative – download the “COVID-19 Employee Intake Questionnaire Template” to guide you through what to ask your ill employee and the steps you MUST do to file and respond to the case so you don’t violate privacy and safety protocols.

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