CPT 2021 Cheat Sheet: Conquer New E/M Time-Based Billing Rule

Starting January 1, failing to use time to select your E/M codes will leave thousands of dollars on the table.

With CPT 2021 code changes, you can select your office/outpatient E/M code (99201-99215) based only on the length of the visit. Both the AMA and CMS have opened the door to using time as the key determining factor.

Changing how you’ve coded E/M services for decades will require you to adjust everything you know about 99201-99215 coding guidelines.

There is help to get you up to speed in no time flat. Download this CPT 2021: E/M Time-Based Billing Cheat Sheet, and you’ll much more easily identify the key differences between the codes you use now and the new rules you MUST follow starting January 1, 2021.

There is no cost to you whatsoever, and your free tool will be available for download immediately.

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