Prevent OSHA Fines, Pinpoint the Protective Gear Your Staff Needs

Your front desk and back end staff have totally different exposure risks than your technicians and providers. So there’s no need to make them all wear the same gear to protect them from COVID-19 – and your practice from fines and lawsuits if you know how.

OSHA has issued the first fines to practices that don’t follow its really long guidelines. Plus, more than 400 employee complaints and lawsuits have been filed against employers including many practices like yours. But proven advice from healthcare law attorney, Brian Meek, Esq., can help.

Download this expert-developed “Staff COVID-19 Protective Gear Grid” to quickly pinpoint each individual employee’s duties, evaluate their exposure risk, and then require the recommended personal protective equipment (PPE). You’ll keep your staff and practice free from illness, fines and lawsuits.

There is no cost to you whatsoever, and your free tool will be available for download immediately.

Access Your Free "Prevent OSHA Fines, Pinpoint the Protective Gear Your Staff Needs Grid" Today!