Free Tool: Provider Credentialing Tracking Made Easy

When it comes to credentialing, organizing personal information, training and education, licensing, employment history, certifications, and more, can quickly become a logistical nightmare. And every provider’s background is different, so aside from the multitude of data to keep track of, there are a host of changing variables that affect the process.

Microsoft Excel is an excellent spreadsheet application that you can use to track your physician data. With a spreadsheet, you can easily sort and filter the data to analyze it in different ways, track provider credentialing status, and highlight important dates. You can also share a spreadsheet on a server or keep it on your local machine. Whatever works best for you and your team.

FREE credentialing tool: This user-friendly, downloadable Provider Credentialing Tracking Worksheet includes multiple tabs to help you track provider data, deadlines, status, and other details all in 1 place! Plus, you can easily customize it and tailor it to suit your own needs. This is your chance to improve the accuracy and timeliness of your credentialing processes, keep your providers happy and keep your reimbursement flowing.

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