Amanda Waesch

Healthcare Attorney at Brennan, Manna & Diamond

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Amanda Waesch, Esq., is a healthcare Attorney at Brennan, Manna & Diamond.  Her practice focuses on healthcare, employment law and healthcare litigation across the country. She advises healthcare providers including practices and hospitals on reviewing and litigating employment agreements; non-compete agreements and severance agreements. Her work has benefited physicians and administrators in drafting and reviewing employer handbooks, as well as management and training issues.

Training Sessions by Amanda Waesch


    Complying with 2023 telehealth regulations will be even more of a nightmare. Both federal and state Fraud Enforcement Officers are on high alert. Agents are being driven by the 11,000% increase for telehealth claims over the last few years and the confusion regarding ever-changing rules and PHE exceptions. Accordingly, you’re being watched closer than ever, are even more likely to […]

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  • Access to Medical Records

    IMPORTANT: Newly implemented federal Information Blocking rules went into effect on Oct 6th. These new rules dramatically expand the scope of how, when and to whom you allow access to medical records. Simply complying with HIPAA is no longer enough. Not only do these new rules significantly expand what information must be made accessible, but they also mandate how, when […]

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  • Your ability to continue to offer over the phone therapy for your patients is at risk. New HIPAA and telehealth audio rules have made it more difficult for you to provide and protect your patient phone therapy sessions — right down to the type of phone line you are allowed to use. These stricter over the phone therapy rules replace […]

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  • HIPAA and telehealth

    HIPAA and telehealth rules have changed again, and if you aren’t up to date, you could face significant fines. You are required to comply with the NEW HIPAA and telehealth rules that tighten regulations regarding the audio-only virtual visits you provide — right down to the type of phone line you can use. These stricter HIPAA and telehealth audio rules […]

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