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Amanda Waesch

Healthcare Attorney at Brennan, Manna & Diamond

Meet Your Expert

Amanda Waesch, Esq., is a healthcare Attorney at Brennan, Manna & Diamond.  Her practice focuses on healthcare, employment law and healthcare litigation across the country. She advises healthcare providers including practices and hospitals on reviewing and litigating employment agreements; non-compete agreements and severance agreements. Her work has benefited physicians and administrators in drafting and reviewing employer handbooks, as well as management and training issues.

Training Sessions by Amanda Waesch

  • Healthcare Compliance Program
    Dec 19, 2023 - 1:00 ET

    In 2024, your practice is expected to comply with the OIG’s healthcare compliance program rules recently released on November 6, which is good and bad for your practice. Good, because you no longer need to guess how to comply with OIG healthcare compliance program requirements. Instead, it's all spelled out in their 91-page guide. It’s bad because the rules are […]

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  • False Claims Act

    Let’s face it, no one WANTS to create and maintain a compliance program into their practice. But if you see Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP patients, you have no choice. Each year, government payers increase the number of practices they audit, and 2023 is no different. Which means that your chances of being selected for an audit, and auditors finding False […]

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  • Medical billing

    Collecting money from patients is essential to keeping your practice in the black, but not every medical billing and collection strategy is beneficial - in fact, some can get you into big trouble. The reality is that many practices are handling patient collections all wrong from a compliance standpoint. Waiving the wrong copay, offering discounts to the wrong patients, and […]

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  • Amending medical records

    Even though there are a million reasons that justify amending patient medical records, an innocent mistake when making a change can have dire consequences for your practice. Why? Because failure to comply with medical record amendment rules can result in accusations of falsifying medical records, which is a crime. And if you are found guilty, the result can be severe […]

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