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Beth Rontal

Meet Your Expert

Beth is a nationally recognized speaker on mental health documentation for private practice clinicians and those working in agency behavioral health settings. Her Misery and Mastery SM trainings and accompanying forms have been used all over the world. She mastered her teaching skills with thousands of hours supervising and training both seasoned professionals and interns when supervising at an agency for 11 years.

Beth was instrumental in developing the clinic’s first electronic documentation system that significantly reduced documentation time and errors. After the implementation of this system, the transformation from error laden to accurate record keeping saved the clinic thousands of dollars, reduced time spent writing notes, which enabled clinicians to see more clients without spending more time working.

Beth’s Documentation Wizard® training program empowers clinicians, reduces anxiety about documentation, and furthers professional integrity. It simplifies the documentation process by systematically linking effective documentation to quality care. This helps to pass audits and protect income.

Beth writes blogs on clinical documentation, co-chairs the NASW Private Practice Shared Interest Group, and has a private practice in Brookline, MA specializing in working with people who struggle with emotional eating. Her other interests include writing, singing, performing cabarets and her current one-woman show called, “My Mother’s Daughter.”

Training Sessions by Beth Rontal

  • Therapy Progress Notes

    Documenting your therapy progress notes should be straightforward. Unfortunately, it most certainly is not. Mainly because you are not only documenting for yourself and your patient. Instead, you must also comply with insurance company rules – at least if you want to be paid. Even simple documentation mistakes can significantly reduce your ability to get paid. With Insurance companies cracking […]

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