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Brenda Edwards

Director of Auditing, Crossroads Health Resources

Meet Your Expert

Brenda has been in healthcare for 30+ years working closely with practices, providers and residency programs to ensure documentation is compliant and accurate.

She has written many articles for national publications.  Her humorous and engaging presentation style has made her a conference favorite for AAPC, AMBA, and Decision Health and local chapter meetings across the country.

Brenda serves on the national advisory board member for AMBA since 2018; served on AAPCCA Board of Directors and was chair in 2014. Mentoring members of AAPC and AMBA is her passion. She co-founded the northeast Kansas (NEKAAPC) chapter and served many offices.

Training Sessions by Brenda Edwards

  • Split shared billing guidelines

    You can still be paid at 100% of the provider rate for Advanced Practice Practitioner (APP) and Physician shared patients. Even though how you code your split/shared E/M services changed this year you can still be paid– if you know how. Billing and getting adequately paid for split/shared services has always been somewhat confusing, but now it’s a downright pain. […]

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  • CMS 1500 Claim Form

    Even one slight misstep when completing your CMS 1500 Claim Form can mean you don’t get paid. The CMS 1500 Claim Form is the key to clear communication between your practice and the Medicare carriers that pay you. Get it wrong, and the reimbursement you’re due gets held or rejected. But, if you know how to tackle the nuances of […]

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