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Brenda Edwards

Director of Auditing, Crossroads Health Resources

Meet Your Expert

Brenda has been in healthcare over 35 years working closely with practices, providers and residency programs to ensure documentation is compliant and accurate.

She has written many articles for national publications.  Her humorous and engaging presentation style has made her a conference favorite for AAPC, AMBA, Training Leader, and Decision Health as well as AAPC local chapter meetings across the country.

Brenda teaches the virtual instructor led training (VILT) for AAPC. Mentoring the next generation of coders, billers, and auditors is her passion. She co-founded the northeast Kansas (NEKAAPC) chapter. Brenda serves on the national advisory board for AMBA and previously served on the AAPC Chapter Association Board of Directors.


Training Sessions by Brenda Edwards

  • E&M codes

    Properly reporting evaluation and management (E/M) services can make the difference between being a profitable practice and going broke. Why? Because E/M services are the bread and butter of most practices, and under-reporting them will short you of thousands — while over-reporting them could attract undesirable auditor attention. Just last year, E/M errors were responsible for more than $3 billion […]

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  • E/M services

    Your practice is being underpaid for your E/M services. The culprit is downcoding. You may think that downcoding your claims is safer than billing a higher level of service, but this is not entirely true. The problem is that downcoding, just like upcoding, can also get your practice flagged for an audit. And worse, you could get audited and fined, and […]

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  • CMS 1500 Claim Form

    Even one slight misstep when completing your CMS 1500 Claim Form can mean you don’t get paid. The CMS 1500 Claim Form is the key to clear communication between your practice and the Medicare carriers that pay you. Get it wrong, and the reimbursement you’re due gets held or rejected. But, if you know how to tackle the nuances of […]

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