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Bryan Meek, Esq., is an Attorney in Brennan, Manna & Diamond’s Health Law Department and Labor & Employment Department. Bryan counsels health industry clients on contract disputes, Board investigations and suspensions, and compliance plans. When employment matters rise to the level of litigation, Bryan leverages his substantial experience to defend his clients against these actions, including contract disputes, discrimination allegations, and other employment matters in court.  Should a labor dispute arise, Bryan defends his clients before arbitrators.

Bryan’s healthcare expertise extends into fraud and abuse disputes, credentialing, and certification. He has a proven track record in government and private payor appeals and disputes, including audits, administrative appeals, and negotiations.

Training Sessions by Bryan Meek

  • COVID-19 employment laws.

    Bottom Line: You are required to immediately modify your employment policies to comply with new Federal COVID-19 employment rules. You must ensure compliance with the 2021 laws established by the $900 billion dollar COVID-19 relief bill. Ignoring these new employment regulations really isn’t an option – it leaves your practice seriously exposed to legal and governmental audits and penalties. The […]

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  • Employee termination COVID-19

    Terminating or laying off an employee the WRONG way, even before COVID-19, could lead to a legal and financial nightmare. NOW THINGS ARE WORSE. New coronavirus employment laws are complicated and confusing. That means making a mistake is easier than ever. And even an innocent misstep can lead to lawsuits, penalties and unemployment claim battles. Unless you know how to […]

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  • Employee Termination COVID-19

    Laying off an employee the WRONG way can lead to paying out thousands of dollars in legal fees. Wrongful termination cases have skyrocketed, making it a very REAL possibility that you could be forced to pay out $400,000 or more for a staff member lawsuit. And even an innocent misstep can lead to an employee suing you for discrimination, harassment, […]

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