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David J. Zetter

Founder & President, Zetter Healthcare Management Consultants

Meet Your Expert

David Zetter is the founder and President of Zetter HealthCare, LLC in Mechanicsburg, PA and has over 30 years of operational and healthcare experience.

Many recognize David nationally for his presentations and expertise. He excels in revenue cycle management, credentialing and contracting, compliance, coding and documentation. People see David as an expert on Medicare, not only by his clients, but his consultant colleagues across the country. He has evaluated existing ambulatory care facilities and practices with respect to patient flow, operations, use of ancillary services and financial considerations; developing strategic plans to improve profitability and productivity. David Zetter’s activities in management and compliance include physician practices, IDTFs, hospitals, ASCs, pharmacy, DME and other facility types. This includes coding and broad‐based regulatory issues. David has also conducted chart audits on behalf of Medicare contractors and Blue Cross/Blue Shield early in his career. This gave David the knowledge of what the expectations are from the payers.

David’s firm works with healthcare professional clients and facilities coast to coast. Zetter’s specialties include all areas of practice and facility management including start‐ups, buy‐ins, compensation, exit strategies, reimbursement enhancement, practice financial modeling, and governance documentation. Zetter’s firm may also assist you in policies and procedures, credentialing and contracting, HR management, compliance, chart reviews, and more.

David has helped to maximize both profitability and reimbursement of physician practices, facility, and ambulatory practices. He also re‐engineered operational and human resources, addressing coding and billing issues for providers to curtail fraud, OIG, and IRS issues.

Training Sessions by David J. Zetter

  • Negotiation
    Jul 23, 2024 - 1:00 ET

    Don’t give up on your under-reimbursing managed care contracts due to a lack of payer response to your negotiation requests. This is actually what they want you to do. Payers are notorious for ignoring contract negotiation requests. However, it is possible to gain leverage to get them to update expired fee schedules and even change confusing termination language in your […]

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  • Managed care contracts

    Negotiating managed care contracts may make you feel like you’re talking to a brick wall. Unfortunately, insurers want you to feel that way, because if they stonewall you, the odds that you’ll simply sign whichever documents they put in front of you increase exponentially. Your best bet for negotiating contract terms that will work in your favor is to recognize […]

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  • pecos surrogacy enrollment

    CMS specifically prohibits you from using your provider’s PECOS (Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System) login to manage, verify, update or authorize their Medicare enrollments. Instead, the Agency wants you to use their surrogacy system which allows you to work on your provider’s behalf using your own login. Failing to comply with these rules means that you are in violation […]

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  • ERISA Regulations

    Payers don’t want you to know how much control you really have regarding your claims’ reimbursement. They don’t want you to know that by applying ERISA regulations, you can force your payers to: pay your claims more quickly, stop downcoding your office visits, overturn claims that were previously denied, expand inadequate appeal deadlines, and return recouped funds previously taken from […]

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