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Doral Jacobsen

Partner at Prosper Beyond LLC

Meet Your Expert

Doral Davis-Jacobsen, MBA, FACMPE, is a Partner at Prosper Beyond LLC, a specialized healthcare consulting firm nestled in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. Doral is a seasoned healthcare consultant with over 20 years of experience serving healthcare providers ranging from solo practitioners to large academic medical centers. She is a popular speaker and author, always looking around the corner to help her clients prepare for “what’s next.” Doral is known for assisting practices with next generation managed care contract negotiations, payment reform and revenue cycle.

She is a Fellow in the American College of Medical Practice Executives. Doral serves as the Chair for the North Carolina MGMA Payer Contracting Committee 2019. Doral has written numerous articles on medical practice revenue cycle, managed care contracting and payment reform and is a frequent speaker at national, regional and local healthcare forums. Doral is a co-author of MGMA’s book, Transitioning to Alternative Payment Models: A Guide to Next Generation Managed Care Contracting, published in October 2016.

Training Sessions by Doral Jacobsen

  • Third Party Payer

    Third party payers don’t want you to know the truth. They don’t want you to know that you CAN get paid more and that it’s easier than you might think. Payers have one goal in mind – to pay you less. They do this by making the contract negotiation process as confusing as possible (i.e., outdated fee schedules, confusing contract […]

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  • Managed Care Contracts

    The odds are stacked against you when it comes to negotiating your managed care contracts. Sometimes it feels like you have no choice but to sign what the payer puts in front of you. Don’t make this mistake. If you know how, you can avoid clauses in the contract that will create an undue administrative burden on your practice, you […]

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  • Managed Care Contracts

    You know it’s true. Payers bury excessive, time-sucking burdens in their managed care contracts hoping you won’t take the time to read the tiny type or wade through the pages of legalese. They do this on purpose. The longer it takes you to process your claims, the longer your payers get to keep your money. However, it is possible for […]

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  • Payer Contracting Negotiation and Reimbursement

    Payers don’t want you to know how to get the most out of their contracts. In fact, they are counting on you not knowing. They make the process complex and painful – but it doesn’t have to be. With a few specific changes to your payer contracting process, you can increase what you are paid, avoid dangerous contract verbiage, get […]

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