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Jeana Singleton

Member and General Counsel, Brennan, Manna & Diamond, LLC

Meet Your Expert

Jeana is a Member of Brennan, Manna & Diamond, as well as a member of the firm’s Executive Committee and serves as the firm’s General Counsel. Her practice includes counseling businesses, providers and other healthcare organizations on legal issues that impact their performance.

With over a decade of experience, Jeana helps clients navigate regulatory updates, the growth of consumer-driven health practices, and the rapid advancement in technology-based medicine including telemedicine, orthopedic implants, and other medical technologies advancements.

Jeana regularly presents on topics such as compliance, clinical transformation, operational integration, regulatory issues and guidelines, revenue cycles and other related subjects that are redefining healthcare and how it is managed. Staying relevant in a transforming industry is key to sustainability and the value that Jeana offers.

Training Sessions by Jeana Singleton

  • No show patients

    No-show patients are insanely expensive and can seriously increase your practice’s legal risk. The problem is that the solutions you’ve probably implemented – charging a no-show patient fee or dismissing a patient for chronic missed appointments – can open you up to liabilities that can cost you more than the original no-show. No-show patients are a chronic problem. A variety […]

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  • LGBTQIA+ health

    Compliance with LGBTQIA+ health regulations and laws are a mandate for your practice. If you fail to comply with these numerous requirements, you’re setting your practice up for a significant financial and legal nightmare. About 7 percent of the US population identifies as LGBTQIA+, and due to the national spotlight, all eyes are on how you respond to this patient […]

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  • Informed consent

    Your medical practice is likely violating patient consent laws every single day. Sure, all of your patients sign a consent form, but complying with patient consent laws includes much more than this. Before any medical service, your patients MUST truly understand what they’re consenting to. Although this may seem somewhat basic, you’d be surprised how many times a day you’re […]

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  • Patient Billing

    You can bring in significant additional income by charging for cash-only services - as long as you know the patient billing rules. In many cases, you provide these services for free, when you could actually charge for them. Fortunately, help is available to walk you through patient billing rules so you can get paid for these services without worrying about patient complaints, […]

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