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Kem Tolliver

President and CEO

Meet Your Expert

For over 20 years Kem has led workflow redesign strategies to innovate healthcare Revenue Cycles and Practice Operations. Having started at the front desk and elevating to leadership allows Kem to understand a variety of stakeholder viewpoints. To achieve success, she develops and leads cross functional teams with customizing technology to develop a unique improvement plan by infusing her expertise in revenue cycle, practice innovation, and clinical documentation improvement.

Training Sessions by Kem Tolliver

  • Virtual credit card

    Bottom line, you can increase your reimbursement by 5% by denying virtual credit card payments. You are paying up to 5% on every single virtual credit card payment you process. That’s 5% less reimbursement that you deserve. What’s worse, many payers are getting kickbacks based on the fees you pay. The good news is you are not required to accept […]

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