LaRae Punt

Founder and CEO of Healthcare Pivots, LLC

Meet Your Expert

LaRae began her career in the coding department of a 20-physician cardiology practice and went on to manage all data aspects of the practice as the Assistant Administrator.  Within a 20-year clinic management history, LaRae noticed a large gap between the availability of data and the confusion her colleagues felt when attempting to use data to make informed decisions about their practice.

LaRae recalls being frustrated late at night, attempting to prepare reports for an early-morning physician meeting. The frustration was from being unable to figure out how to manipulate graphs and tables in Excel.  This was the passion behind the creation of HealthCare Pivots, LLC, a company LaRae founded in 2010. The company assists Practice Managers across the county better mine their data. It helps them have a better clarity and integrity of their data and teaches them how to use it as a tool to improve not only revenue analysis but clinical processes as well.

LaRae is a digital-analytics professional and Microsoft Excel subject matter expert. Throughout her career, she has paired her wealth of knowledge in analytics and data mining to meet the needs of healthcare organizations by providing greater access and clarity of crucial data used for more informed decision-making. LaRae holds an MBA in Health Care Administration emphasis from the University of Sioux Falls and is a former MGMA Certified Medical Practice Executive.