Lin Walker

Accounting Services Manager at CFO Services Group

Meet Your Expert

Lin Walker is a healthcare accounting expert and Accounting Services Manager at CFO Services Group, a firm that specializes in managerial accounting for small businesses. At CFO Services Group, she has worked with physician owners and administrators managing their accounting department as well as helping them out with disaster loans this year. Her extensive business background provides proven accounting insight to assist practices with day-to-day financial details and big-picture decision making.

Walker provides CFO-level consulting and strategy and conducts quality control reviews. Previously she served as senior accountant for the donor-advised fund Razoo Foundation in Alexandria, Virginia, where she supervised and ran disbursements of millions of dollars in donations.

She also was the operations manager at Garza Law Firm in Rockville, Maryland, and HR and accounting manager at Global HealthCare China in Shanghai. It was here that she was able to work with expatriate English-speaking doctors with their accounting and HR questions and gained global healthcare industry accounting experience.

Training Sessions by Lin Walker

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