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Lisa S. Meadows

Clinical Compliance Educator, Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc

Meet Your Expert

Lisa has over 25 years in medical social work experience; from acute care hospitalization, home healthcare, to hospice and palliative care. Lisa is currently the Clinical Compliance Educator for the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc where she is responsible for educating organizations on the ACHC accreditation process as well as assisting organizations with the interpretation of the ACHC Standards for Accreditation. She is also responsible for educating the ACHC Surveyors about the standards as well as other regulatory updates and industry changes.

Prior to this role, Lisa was a Hospice Surveyor with ACHC, affording her the opportunity to assist organizations with compliance with the ACHC Standards as well as developing best practices.

Lisa’s previous work experience allowed her to successfully prepare and lead the hospice agency she was employed with, through the ACHC Accreditation process.

Lisa also speaks at state conferences and associations and conducts workshops on the accreditation process as well as various topics that are relevant to the health care industry.