M. Tray Dunaway

President, Healthcare Value, Inc

Meet Your Expert

Dr. Dunaway was on every-other-night-on-call general surgeon in a small South Carolina town for seventeen years when he created a streamlined E&M algorithm, (Risk Based Coding™), to simplify and streamline E&M coding after attending a very frustrating coding seminar in Atlanta, GA.

He wrote Pocket Guide to Clinical Coding in 1997 and subsequently left clinical practice to create a physician education business and created the commercially available Dunaway Documentation System.

He has been an award winning, (Designated CSP, Certified Speaking Professional, by the National Speakers Association), full-time speaker and consultant since 2002, has spoken professionally in 47 states to date. His documentation, coding, and compliance programs are fun, entertaining, thought provoking, and solution-oriented for clinicians and coders alike.

Training Sessions by M. Tray Dunaway

  • Doctors don’t look at documentation the same way as coders or auditors do. So, why should they have to approach E/M coding the same way? The answer is, they don’t have to any longer. Just like most physicians, M. Tray Dunaway, MD, didn’t want to know anything about coding – especially complex E/M coding. He […]

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