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Sean M. Weiss

Meet Your Expert

Sean has dedicated his career to serving and advocating on behalf of health care providers, hospital networks, and integrated health systems to ensure a level playing field and due process. Over the past 27-years Sean has focused on helping organizations achieve measurable financial results to ensure stability in their market all while significantly reducing the risk of non-compliance. Sean’s knowledge of the inner workings of government agencies at both the state and federal level make him an invaluable asset to clients.

Sean leads the strategic litigation defense and audit team for DoctorsManagement, LLC. Sean is engaged by the largest and most revered law firms in the nation on matters tied to the False Claims Act and Health Care Fraud Statute cases to ensure the best possible defense for clients targeted by government agencies, their contractors, and commercial payer special investigative units. Sean serves as a third-party Compliance Officer for numerous nationally-recognized organizations across the country creating and ensuring a “Culture of Compliance” to mitigate risk and culpability.

Training Sessions by Sean M. Weiss

  • Insurance demand letter
    Jun 29, 2023 - 3:00 ET

    Simply accepting insurance demand letter notifications of overpayment is a massive financial mistake for your practice. In many instances, you can stop payer recoupments of these “overpayments,” but it all depends on how you respond. Once you receive a demand letter, your first course of action should be to craft a response to justify why you deserve to keep the […]

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  • Denied Claims

    Overturning your rejected Medicare claims and getting them paid can be easier than you think – if you know exactly how to go after the money. The key is mastering the nuances of the Medicare appeal process by cutting through the government requirements and red tape. If applied correctly, simple modifications to your appeals argument, what regulatory support/documentation you include, […]

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