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Tracy Bird

President, Medical Practice Advisors

Meet Your Expert

Tracy has over 40 years of experience in various specialties in the areas of practice management, billing and coding, including training, communications, and policy and procedure development.

She is an ACMPE Fellow with MGMA, a Certified Professional Coder (CPC), a Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CMPA), a Certified Evaluation and Management Auditor (CEMC) a Certified Professional Medical Coding Curriculum instructor (CPC-I), and an AAPC Fellow. Tracy is co-founder and past president of the NE Kansas Chapter of AAPC, a past president of MGMA-GKC and is currently serving as the Chair of the Certification Commission for National MGMA.

Training Sessions by Tracy Bird

  • Don’t expose your practice to HIPAA privacy violations, revenue losses or patient dissatisfaction due to preventable front desk slipups. Even the simplest front desk mistake can result in serious financial and legal disasters for your practice. But there is something you can do about it … You can help your staff quickly and easily fortify their front desk skills with […]

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  • patient collections

    The likelihood your patients will pay you what they owe SIGNIFICANTLY DECREASES once they walk out your door. So, it makes sense that your front desk should be your first line of defense against uncollectable accounts receivable. Getting patients to pay what they owe sounds easy enough, right? Just ask them to pay before they leave. Well, it’s just not […]

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  • phone etiquette

    Your team’s phone etiquette skills can make or break your practice. Especially when it comes to getting and keeping patients. Strong phone etiquette skills are more important than ever to your medical practice’s survival. Poor service can actually make patients leave a practice more often than poor medical care, and 80% of new patients will have their first contact with […]

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  • front desk staff

    Your front desk can either run smoothly or make your life a living nightmare — it’s really up to you. The answer to a smooth-running front desk always comes down to fundamentals. How you train and hold your front desk staff accountable for these fundamentals is the key. The problem is, how are you supposed to find the time to […]

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