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Front Desk Medical Coding Terminology & Definitions Cheat Sheet

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A lack of knowledge about medical coding terminology can cause your front desk, coding, and billing teams to get the wrong insurance authorizations, fail to add the right information to claims, and process claims more slowly, which can lead to lost reimbursement.

Not only can you incorrectly take in the wrong information when patients present with their insurance cards if you don’t know the medical coding terminology and acronyms, but your team could make mistakes. And these mistakes can attract the attention of auditors, lead to denied claims, and prompt you to file costly, time-consuming appeals.

This complimentary Front Desk Medical Coding Terminology & Definitions Cheat Sheet can help. Download this easy-to-use tool today to help your front desk, as well as your entire medical practice staff file claims smoothly, review billing and coding directives easily, and halt denials.

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