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Free Webinar: Master Regulatory Changes When PHE Ends

Before you take a huge sigh of relief that the COVID (Public Health Emergency) PHE ends May 11, 2023, there are several significant regulatory changes that you must comply with.

When the PHE ends, not all changes that occurred during the pandemic will be rolled back. However, there are several key changes that can affect your day-to-day practice operations. The areas with the most severe consequences for non-compliance include Medicaid, Telehealth, COVID Testing & Immunization Coverage, Patient Insurance Coverage and Eligibility, Stark, and Anti-Kickback.

To help you comply with these regulatory changes when the PHE ends, sign up for this complimentary online training, presented by healthcare attorney Adam Laughton, JD. This free online training will walk you through these critical post-PHE regulatory changes in plain English. Then, he’ll provide you with frontline actions you can implement to firm up your compliance.

Here are just a few of the post-PHE practical, step-by-step regulatory compliance tactics you’ll receive by attending this complimentary online training:

  • Avoid claim denials due to loss of Medicaid benefits (state and federal)
  • Identify which telehealth platforms are no longer compliant when PHE ends
  • Continue to get access to free COVID tests for your patients
  • Determine which COVID therapeutic treatments are still free
  • Uncover Stark and Anti-Kickback changes that affect your contracts
  • Avoid denials by helping your front desk staff easily figure out benefit changes
  • And so much more…

Regardless of your practice’s size, specialty, or location, many of the modifications going into effect when the PHE ends can significantly impact your practice. In addition, several of these regulatory changes have significant violation penalties associated with them, not to mention the loss of cash due to benefit changes. But you don’t have to face these changes alone.

Sign up for this free online training, presented by healthcare attorney Adam Laughton, to receive a breakdown of these upcoming regulatory changes that go live when the PHE ends. This complimentary training will also help you avoid violations and revenue losses that can occur if you fail to comply.

Get the help you need to comply with these post-PHE regulatory changes at no cost. Register for this complimentary 60-minute online training today.


Webinar Reviews:

“The question and answer session was very informative. Elaborated on some key points. ”
– Carline Denis Barnes, Assistant VP, Community Health of South Florida

“The information was presented clearly ,efficiently , and was current and informative. ”
– Cathy Grossfeld, Founder, All About Kids

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