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Free Webinar: Avoid the Catastrophe of a False Claims Act Lawsuit

If you believe that that you are immune to a False Claims Act (FCA) lawsuit because you are not intentionally trying to defraud the government – THINK AGAIN.

A simple mistake related to any number of average daily tasks performed by your practice’s providers and staff can easily land you in serious legal hot water. Simple errors when coding your claims, billing patients, unidentified overpayments, signing contracts, incomplete medical-necessity documentation, working with vendors, referring patients, etc. can lead to a government audit, uncovered FCA violations and ultimately court.

Even though you are not immune to a False Claims Act lawsuit, there are things you can do to protect yourself and your practice. This is where healthcare attorney, Norman Acker, ESQ, can help.

Norman has presented a complimentary online training session specifically to help medical and dental practices that contract with Medicare (or other federal agencies) avoid a False Claims Act lawsuit.  During this no-cost training, you’ll receive practical advice that will help you identify hot zones in your practice and resolve them before they land you in court.

Here are just a few of the False Claim Act lawsuit avoidance tactics you’ll receive by attending this online training:

  • Stop a lawsuit in its tracks by bulletproofing your practice compliance plan
  • Protect against easy-to-make Kickback mistakes in your vendor contracts
  • Uncover when billing for provider/patient audio-only communications can get you sued
  • Correctly respond to employee complaints and reduce whistleblower lawsuits
  • Head off telemedicine coding/billing fraud claims with latest post-COVID rules
  • Prevent common patient referral mistakes that can get you sued
  • Document employee training to head off erroneous Qui tam compliant allegations
  • Avoid making things worse by incorrectly responding to a gov’t violation notice
  • Halt balance billing violations related to Stark and Kickback statutes
  • Identify when and if it’s okay to write off co-pays and/or deductibles
  • And so much more…


Webinar Reviews:

“Excellent session, engaging, talented speaker, valuable information for my career. It was really helpful. Thank you. ”
– Virginia Vaklin

“The webinar was presented very well. I loved being able to review the material prior to the webinar. This was my first webinar and it was wonderful!”
– All Colleagues, Premiere Continuing Education

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