HIPAA Compliant Termination Checklist

Your most significant risk of being reported to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for a HIPAA violation is related to disgruntled workers. If one of your staff members is upset, or they were dismissed from their position, they may want to retaliate against you by reporting suspected data breaches to the HHS.

One way to mitigate your risk, whether your employee left voluntarily or through dismissal, is to institute a termination checklist.

As part of this checklist, you should have the person leaving sign an acknowledgement that states that although they are no longer an employee, any patient health information (PHI) they may have had access to remains confidential. This acknowledgment should also remind them they can be held personally liable for any PHI breaches even after their employment ends.

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Free HIPAA Termination Checklist