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Prevent Medical Record Theft and Six-Figure Penalties

Prevent Medical Record Theft and Six-Figure PenaltiesFBI November Alert:  Medical record cyberattacks skyrocketed last month in the US, and your practice could be next.  When hit, you’ll lose access to your medical records for approximately 15 days, and the average ransom demand is $111,000.

To make matters worse, being locked out of your medical records, and having to pay a six-figure random is not the worst of it. Should you get hit by these cyber-thugs, your practice is also financially liable for the stolen patient information, and you could be found guilty of HIPAA violations and be forced to pay $50,000 per record. Fortunately, there is an easier way.

That’s where HIPAA and IT expert John Brewer comes in. In his 60-minute, complimentary online training session, he’ll give you proven tactics to protect your patient records before, during, and after you face a ransomware attack, so you reduce your risk of exposing PHI and violating HIPAA. Here are just a few of the practical patient records security protection strategies you’ll learn during this complimentary online training:

  • Prevent criminal access to your medical records with proven email danger signs
  • Avoid paying massive ransoms to get your medical records back
  • Decrease HIPAA penalties with must-have security policies and procedures
  • Quickly identify and deter the top ransomware threats (i.e. TrickBot, BazarLoader, etc.)
  • Stop simple email response mistake from costing you thousands in penalties
  • Use proven tool to stop backdoor access to your records
  • Educate staff on spotting and avoiding common hacking traps
  • Stop costly data loss with the latest government warnings and requirements
  • Take quick action to get back control of your records
  • Instantly respond to early attack signs to stop further records’ loss
  • Create a proven emergency contingency plan for a swift HIPAA breach response
  • Plain English breakdown of exactly how to implement CISA theft-prevention requirements
  • Identify your breach initial contacts and drastically reduce HIPAA fines
  • Ready-to-go ransomware response checklist decreases legal and financial damage
  • And much, much more!


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John Brewer, HIPAA and IT expert


60 minutes

IMPORTANT: This training session is offered at NO COST to you (normally $227). It will provide your practice and employees the step-by-step plan you need to beat cybercriminals at their own game. Sign up for this valuable, expert-led session today.