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Free Webinar: Comply with COVID-19 Rules While Getting Back to Normal

Now that the pandemic is waning, and your life is slowly transitioning back to normal (albeit a new normal), your practice is faced with a slew of COVID-19-related challenges you could have never prepared for.

Rules to ensure the safety of your patients and staff seem to change daily. You must combat a patient population that is confused and scared. Your staff may want to continue working from home. COVID-19 vaccinations are polarizing everyone. Your office policies must change to keep up with changing employment laws. These are only a few of the daunting challenges you must overcome. The good news is that you are not alone.

Nationally recognized practice management expert, Owen Dahl, and infectious disease physician, Javeed Siddiqui, MD, MPH, have put together a 60-minute complimentary online training that will help you successfully maneuver through the COVID-19 turbulence.

Here are just a few of the practical, COVID-related practice compliance and management questions you’ll get answered during this on-demand online training.

..– What should your face mask policies look like?
..– What disinfection protocols is OSHA requiring?
..– Can you provide telehealth services only even if your
…..patients want to come in?
..– How do state vs federal laws affect how you run my practice?
..– What can you share with patients regarding staff vaccination status?
..– What if patients ONLY want to be seen by a vaccinated provider?
..– How should you handle a patient that refuses to wear a mask
.….in your office?
..– What are the most recent COVID untruths, and how should you
.….combat them?
..– Does socially distancing and mask-wearing really reduce
....virus spread
..– Are you required to continue with waiting room social distancing?
..– Should you be asking for proof of vaccination if masks aren’t worn?
..– Is there a benefit to having separate waiting rooms for vaccinated
.….and unvaccinated patients?
..– What phone tips can your staff use to alleviate scared patients?
..– What COVID-related policies should you have?
..– Should you require patients to sign your practices COVID policies?
..– How should your staff handle patient frustration with
.….mask requirements?
..– What incentives can you offer to get staff back to work?
..– And so much more…


WATCH NOW! Free Comply with COVID Rules While Getting Back to Normal Training

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Practice Management expert, Owen Dahl
Infectious disease physician, Javeed Siddiqui, MD, MPH


60 minutes


“Technically equipped, captures attention.”
– Ecaterina Alexeeva, DeLoor Podiatry’s

“I felt that the info presented was clear and easily understandable, and I appreciated the give & take between the presenters.”
– Janet Beck, Karuk Tribe

“Excellently presented.”
– Sarna Bryant, Staff Development Associate, Peripheral Vascular Associates

“The presentation was very good and informative.”
– Debra Hoffen