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  • woman worried
    Expert Presenter: Steven S. Wilder BA, CHSP, STS

    Your practice is not immune to the devastation of a natural disaster. Don’t make the mistake of not being prepared. It’s not just about preparing for the event. There are actions you can take today to improve…

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  • Docandassistcomp
    Expert Presenter: Jay Hodes

    Actionable tactics to help medical practices avoid the most common HIPAA violations. HIPAA expert will walk you through how to best protect your practice from audits, violations, patient complaints, and fines.

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  • woman exel
    Expert Presenter: Debra Phairas MBA

    From hidden expenses to overstaffing to slow paying patients, any one of these could cause your practice to end up in a financial nightmare. But, if you know what key indicators to track, you can…

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  • Combat-Negative-Online-Patient-Reviews
    Expert Presenter: Pam Joslin MM, CMC, CMIS, CMOM, CMCO, CEMA, CMCA-E/M

    Getting one negative online review about anything from long waiting times to a billing mistake, can cost you up to 30 new patients. There are proven steps you can take to fight back against harmful patient comments…

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  • Patient-Recall-Strategies-That-Work
    Expert Presenters: Karen Hoffer LPN, AE-C ; Gail Scheller RN, AE-C

    Without a recall strategy, many of your patients would never schedule their next visit. This lack of recurring patient care puts your practice at risk of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue…

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  • worriedwoman (1)
    Expert Presenter: Amy M. Niehaus MBA, CPMSM, CPCS

    Getting and keeping your providers enrolled in the most popular payer networks is the only way to ensure the success of your practice. However, it can be complicated and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be…

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  • Billing-From-A-to-Z-Improve-Claims-Pay-Up
    Expert Presenter: Stephanie Thomas CPC, CANPC

    There is a lot riding on the accuracy of the claims you submit. Missing even one step in the billing process can result in dire consequences – significant reductions in reimbursement, increased denials, and ultimately…

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  • Employee-Theft-Protection-Strategies
    Expert Presenter: Debra Phairas MBA

    It happens every day, and it doesn’t matter where you’re located, your specialty or your practice size. An MGMA survey found that 83% of practice admins have been associated with a practice where theft occurred…

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  • Protect-Against-Payer-Aduit-Violations
    Expert Presenter: Linda Duckworth CPC, CHC

    As Medicare and private payers continue to go after reimbursement paid in error, the chances you’ll get audited has increased. Auditors can dig through your previously filed claims for a “look back period” of 6 YEARS…

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  • Expert Presenter: Wayne Miller Esq.

    Even if your Medicare claim appeal is denied (twice), you still have a chance to get your claim paid. The next level of appeal is called an Administrative Law Judge (AL J). Knowing whether you should request a…

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  • woman3
    Expert Presenter: Steve Selbst

    Open the doors of those “closed” and “narrowed” insurance panels that will most benefit your practice. Don’t walk away from payers when they deny you access to the patients you want. Use these proven tactics to get…

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  • Credentialing-Priveleging-Reporting_final
    Expert Presenters: Donna Goestenkors CPMSM; Suzette Sutton BA

    There are a slew of standard reports that your system produces, but it’s inevitable that the specific information you need isn’t included. Unless you have the skills to generate the specific data you need…

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  • girl stop hand
    Expert Presenter: John Brewer

    Cyberattacks use ransomware that infects your files & then demands you pay a ransom to get them back. Plus, HIPAA considers them compromised & subject to significant penalties and fines…

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  • clock-woman
    Expert Presenter: Dr. Donald E. Wetmore JD

    Every day your practice requires you to manage more in less time. Sure, there are only 24 hours in a day, but wouldn’t it be great if you could feel like you have 4 more hours each day? To do so you only need to […]

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  • nurses2
    Expert Presenter: Deron Bibb MBA

    Every time you lose a member of your front desk staff it costs you – BIG (as much as 3x salary, more for smaller practices). Get best practices when hiring for your reception positions plus keep them longer by […]

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  • woman success
    Expert Presenter: Jim Grigsby

    Written communication skills are critical to being a good manager. You must be able to clearly and concisely communicate with your staff, patients, & providers. These skills are more important than ever considering […]

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