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  • Expert Presenter: John Brewer

    Social media use is increasing, not decreasing. This means that someone on your staff is most likely posting to a social media site right now. Make sure you are protected with a plan that really protects […]

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  • Expert Presenter: Rhonda Granja B.S., CMC, CMOM, CMA, CPC

    HIPAA audits are on the rise. The most common violations are usually for reasons you’d never think of. There are several tactics you can use that will protect you from violations, and help you avoid an audit […]

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  • Expert Presenter: Tod Ferran CISSP, QSA

    Healthcare data breaches occur every 2 days, and are 46.2% of all US data breaches. If it occurs you’ll lose patients, get flagged for a HIPAA audit and potentially pay hefty fines unless you do something about it […]

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