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  • Onboarding a new employee
    Expert Presenter: Ariel D. Fenster Esq.

    Legal requirements for hiring and onboarding a new employee are complex and vary from state to state. Complete the process correctly or risk hefty fines and legal trouble. Register for this training today.

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  • Credentialing basics
    Expert Presenters: Tracey Tokheim ; David J. Zetter PHR, SHRM-CP, CHC, CPCO, CPC, COC, PCS, FCS, CHBC, CMUP, PESC, CMAP, CMAPA, CMMP, CMHP

    Mastering the complexities of payer enrollment and credentialing can be a nightmare – unless you get some help. This 3-part online training series will help you improve approvals, speed responses and reduce errors.

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  • Preauthorizations
    Expert Presenter: Owen Dahl LFACHE, CHBC, LSSMBB

    If you want to get paid, prior authorizations are a necessary evil. They put an intense burden on your practice, staff, patients, and you.  You can reduce the time they take and improve your overall approval rate with some expert help.

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  • Remote patient monitoring
    Expert Presenter: Michael Stearns MD, CPC, CFPC, CRC

    More accurately code your Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) claims and protect your practice against auditors looking to recoup payer reimbursements. Expert strategies to overcome this year’s RPM confusing rules changes.

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  • Provider Enrollment and Credentialing
    Expert Presenter: Tracey Tokheim

    Credentialing and enrollment 101 for physician practices. Step-by-step strategies to help you master credentialing and enrollment basics to avoid errors and ensure that your revenue keeps flowing.

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  • CPT Code Changes
    Expert Presenter: Kim Huey MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCO

    The 2022 CPT coding changes go live in a few weeks, and you’ll be seeing the fallout from any 2022 ICD-10-CM code change errors any time.  Why risk it, get the expert implementation advice you need during this online training.

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  • 2022 Physician Fee Schedule
    Expert Presenter: Kim Huey MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCO

    Maximize new revenue streams & avoid compliance errors from the CMS Physician Fee Schedule 2022 changes. Ensure you get paid everything you are due from Medicare and Medicaid by correctly implementing  these changes.

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  • Releasing medical records
    Expert Presenter: Lester J. Perling JD, MHA, CHC

    Mistakes when responding to medical record requests can lead to expensive legal problems. This training will help your practice comply with State and Federal laws and reply to medical record requests accurately the first time.

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  • Credentialing providers at multiple locations
    Expert Presenter: Yesenia Servin CPMSM, PESC

    Avoid delaying and losing reimbursements. Streamline your credentialing and enrollment process – more efficiently manage multiple providers and locations NPIs, Tax Ids, delegated agreements, and more. Proven online training.

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  • New information blocking rules
    Expert Presenter: Sarah Badahman MPH, CHPSE

    Failure to comply with the new Information Blocking mandates from the 21st Century Cures Act means massive violation fines for your practice. Get the compliance help you need, sign up for this expert-led online training.

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  • 2022 New CPT
    Expert Presenter: Kim Huey MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCO

    You don’t have to face the hundreds of 2022 CPT Code Changes alone. This upcoming, expert-led online training will walk you through the most challenging changes, and help you incorporate them correctly the first time.

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  • Medicaid Audit
    Expert Presenter: Knicole C. Emanuel JD

    Attorney provides practical advice on how you can reduce Medicaid audit triggers at your practice, more effectively respond to Medicaid audit notices and documentation requests to significantly reduce overpayment demands.

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    Expert Presenter: Kelly Holden JD

    Head off serious problems caused by patients bringing Emotional Support Animals into your practice. Train your staff on how to successfully manage these circumstances and avoid allegations of discrimination and violations.

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  • No Surprises Billing Act
    Expert Presenters: Daphne Kackloudis Esq.; Ashley Watson Esq.

    Get expert answers on how you can compliantly implement the new No Surprises Act billing and dispute resolution rules to head off sever penalties of $10,000 per violation. Master these new rules by the January 1, 2022 deadline.

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  • Stark Rules
    Expert Presenter: Amanda Waesch Esq.

    New federal Stark law “group practice” rules require that you modify how you calculate your practice’s profits and compensate your providers by the January 1st, 2022 deadline.  This online training walks you through how to comply.

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  • Patient abandonment lawsuit
    Expert Presenter: Heidi Kocher B.S., M.B.A, J.D., CHC

    Healthcare attorney provides plain-English advice on how you can terminate a physician-patient relationship without ending up in court. This online training provides the precise steps you must employ to head off a financial nightmare

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